Here we have prepared 22 simple woodworking projects that sell, yet engaging for beginners.

Woodworking is one of the most entertaining and artistic businesses that some people focus on.

When you’re near your desk, you’ll have extraordinary ideas that you can make them with little creativity.

To get a professional, you can start with these small projects as outlined below. The following wooden projects can dramatically improve your living environment.

1. Wooden Dishes

The best choice for kitchen utensils with wooden styles is this wooden model dishes.

They are more decorative than practical. Perhaps their best use is to put in a variety of small and colorful chocolates inside them. The Interesting point of these dishes is the existence of the bark on them.

Maybe making a wooden dish seems hard for beginners. But the point here is that you do not need to make these dishes flat and symmetrical.

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Your dishes can have an irregular shape. You can make these dishes with your creativity and sell them to the market.

2. Wooden Key Holders

How much your family or your neighbor have left their house key and have asked you to open the door for them?

If your answer is too many times, maybe it’s time to put one of these key holders near your door.

They are marvelously suited to any environment. You can also create a place for notes and day-to-day activities with a little creativity.

3. Wooden Cutting Boards for the Kitchen

The people who work in the kitchen know well that the existence of an excellent, solid and durable cutting board is essential.

Making plates of cutting boards is not a complicated task.

This is one of the best wood projects that can easily be sold. Using a knife, having a little creativity and doing some innovative work by taking high-quality pictures, you can encourage many customers to buy your products.

4. Wooden Keychains

You can make a keychain with pieces of wood. It does not matter what is the size of the pieces. With a little creativity and a key ring, you can create several keychains in a short time.

You can create a beautiful keychain with a little sanding and painting and then give it to your friends or sell it. This project is one of the simple woodworking projects that sell well.

5. Wooden Mortar & Pestles

A pounder is a necessary tool in any kitchen. To build a wooden pounder, you need a tool to emptying a slice of the tree branch.

It’s not too difficult to work and beginners can build one of these pounders to get started.

Be careful not to use chemical paints for the inside of the pounder.

With little skill, you can create better pounders and sell them.

6. Wooden Trays

Many people choose a wooden case in the selection of the tray; even without having other decorative items made of wood.

The Tray kitchens are good woodworking projects that sell for a beginner.

These days the variety of wooden trays on the market is very high. As always, the best idea is the most practical way to make a medium-sized tray. These trays have different colors and textures, depending on the type of wood.

Woodworkers who are beginners, can make these trays with a little effort and sell them to the market.

To make these trays, make sure you use non-toxic solid wood and non-toxic colors.

7. Wooden Card Holders

Anyone wants to make their business attractive with a business card and send it to the customer.

If you keep your business cards in a dirty box, your desktop look will become ugly and your business card will not be appealing.

The card-holder on the wooden table is a stylish project for you. On the other hand, the card-holder is a simple woodworking project for beginners.

So the idea of making a cart holder and selling it is a good idea.

8. Wooden Spoons

The next wooden project is a wooden spoon.

The pores in these p are covered and easily cleaned because they are polished with special oils.

But not all woods are suitable for stirring food because it easily absorbs contamination.

These wooden spoons are more suitable for foods like pasta, sauce, etc.

Making and selling wooden spoons is easy and you can do it right now! Note that do not use chemical paints for painting wooden spoons.

9. Wooden Guitar Picks

Do you want to create a special wooden gift for a guitarist?

This gift is nothing but a guitar pick. Guitar picks made of wood are very attractive.

Making a guitar pick is so simple and anyone can make it.

To make the guitar pick you need to cut a bit of wood, a lot of sanding and pay attention to some details.

By using attractive colors you can make your work more beautiful. Truly this project is one of the simple woodworking projects that sell well.

10. Wooden Vases

There are many types of wooden vases, and you can create your own unique wooden vase with some creativity.

Making a wooden vase is very simple. With a cut from a tree trunk and emptying it, you can make a beautiful vase.

By planting a plant in your vase, you will have more chance of selling them.

Try to make vases of different sizes to have more customers.

11. Wooden Jewelry

The latest wooden project for sale and make money is wooden jewelry.

Wooden jewelry has its own fans.

A variety of wooden bracelets, wooden necklaces, and wooden rings, can easily make money for you.

You can create new projects based on your innovation and your creativity

Handmade jewelers of combine wood and resin have a very large market. You can earn a lot by learning this field.

12. Wooden Coffee Table

Wooden Coffee Table is one of the wooden things that everyone wants to have in their homes.

A Coffee Table can be made in different sizes and shapes like circles, triangles, and squares.

The Wooden Coffee Table is a really simple woodworking project and you can easily build one at home.

An empty tree trunk can be a wooden table. You can add metal bases and a glass plate on it.

13. Wooden Pendant Light

Wooden pendant lights are one of the most attractive wooden projects that you can build with your creativity.

You can sell a wooden pendant light because it has a lot of fans.

Wooden pendants have numerous models based on the lamps used.

How to make them depend on your innovation and creativity.

You can use other materials such as epoxy resin, metal, glass, etc. to make them.

These materials reflect the light well and give a beautiful effect to your pendant light.

14. Personalized Wooden Signage

Wooden signage and signs are very suitable for giving to friends and family as a gift.

You have given them a personalized message and nothing is more valuable than this.

Certainly, there are many people who welcome your idea and buy your projects.

To do this, you can engrave custom names or sentences for special occasions, such as Father’s Day, on different wooden pieces.

Engraving on wood by hand is more valuable, but for more revenue, we suggest you use a power tool because it will be much easier and faster to do.

One of the common tools to do this is the dermal tool.

Using this tool is very simple and you can build projects at home.

Another way of producing Personalized Wooden Signage is to use the pyrography tool. In this way, you can write on the wood by burning the surface of the wood.

15. Wooden Clock

Wooden Clocks can have functional and decorative aspects.

Since a wooden design clock can be an attractive gift, many people buy them and give them as gifts to their beloved ones.

How to Make a DIY Wooden Clock is almost complicated but you can make them at home with a little try.

You need Clock Kit that contains numbers, movement motor, and clock hands. As well you need a wooden surface.

Although making a wooden clock may take a lot amount of time, but you can earn good money by selling it at the right price.

With the experience in this field, you can build your wooden clock more quickly.

16. Wooden Lampshade

A wooden Lampshade with a new design is a great idea to build and sell.

Wooden Lampshade can be very suitable for bedrooms and home interior design.

You can use a wood veneer to make a lampshade.

Wood veneers are cut directly from the trunk of a tree and are thin and pliable enough to attach to a frame and bend into curved shapes to make wooden projects.

You can create any kind of Wooden Lampshade according to your possibilities.

You need a little creativity and taste.

17. Wine Rack

Wine Rack is a simple yet very practical project.

You can make them by creating holes as large as wine bottles on a stick.

You can also add additional elements such as a place to put the glass.

18. Wooden Book-Shelves

This is a simple carpentry project for beginners.

You can easily make it with one or more timber from the wood.

There are different styles that have many customers.

Nowadays bookshelves have become an important part of interior design.

Classical and rustic styles have a lot of fans and potential customers which makes it a good income source for you.

19. Wooden Sculpture

Wooden sculptures are one of the oldest woodworking projects that are worth a lot and are usually sold at great prices.

These artistic works have only decorative aspects, however, they have their own fans.

Try to use durable wood like Walnut wood and oak wood to make wooden sculptures.

There are also new and innovative styles for driftwood sculptures which may fall you in love with them.

For more information, see How to make a driftwood sculpture.

20. Coffee Cup Holder

By using a wooden board and a few hooks, you can make a coffee cup holder.

This project has no initial cost to you and is very easy.

You should provide a suitable pallet on the size that you like and then screw some hooks in it to hang the cups.

This Coffee cup holder is very functional and will give a beautiful effect to the kitchen of a house and will certainly be sold by ease.

The advantage of this project is that it does not require any special tools, and it can also be quickly built.

21. Wooden Coaster Cup

If you’re using wooden tables and furniture, you’ll surely see water spots or watermarks.

These stains are created when you put a cup of coffee or tea on a wooden surface.

Clearing these stains is sometimes very hard and time-consuming.

You can use the Coaster Cup to prevent the creation of watermarks.

You can easily create them at home without any special carpentry knowledge.

A cheap wooden Coaster Cup will definitely be sold easily in the market.

22. Wooden Hair Fork

This project is one of the simplest wooden projects in the world 🙂

You can make a wooden hair fork using a piece of a tree branch and a knife. The important thing is that you have to sand it well. you can give it to your girlfriend or your mom and surprise her.

See 7 amazing DIY wooden gifts for moms.

Tips For Making Woodworking Projects That Make Money

Today the world is a world of ideas, and everyone who wants to be successful in this market should be able to offer new ideas and bring different products to the market.

Artworks can have great values, and there are people who will buy your art.

So do not just think about money by selling them.

Try to consider your interest first and follow your passion.

What do you enjoy to make?

First, try to master that field. This is the first point to be succeeded in this business.

After that, you can do some market research and find out what sells the best.

Experience has shown that small and functional projects will be better sold.

Remember, this business will not make you so much money at first, so you have to start it beside a steady source of income.

Setting Up A Home Woodworking Workshop And Make Money

Setting up a woodworking workshop at home has many challenges.

Woodworking enthusiasts have different goals and reasons for setting up a workshop in their home.

For this reason, we are trying to examine the challenges and strategies for setting up a woodworking workshop at home.

Woodworking Workshop Environment:

The first question will be that you live in a villa house or apartment?

If you live in an apartment house, you have limited choices.

You must know that woodworking is a noisy job and you cannot be disturbed the comfort of others because of your personal interest.

Choose one of the wooden arts mentioned in this article, that you can build it easily in your apartment. But making big projects that need professional tools is not suitable for apartment space.

You can find some of the Best Woodworking Tools For Beginners in our most recent blog post.

If you live in a villa, you have more options ahead. But you should also be careful that the sound of your work with the device won’t harass others.

For such a workshop, you’ll need to use small devices. Due to their size and capabilities, these devices are suitable for small workshops and home workshops.

They work well with home power and do not put much pressure on the power system.

Using large workshop devices in home workshops is not recommended. Because:

  • There is not enough space for most of the homes to keep this tool.
  • Due to the noise and the high amount of soil that it produces, neighbors and residents are distressed.
  • Building wiring is difficult due to the high flow required of these devices.

But you can set up a workshop by guiding this article: set up a woodworking workshop at home, step by step tutorials.


Making simple woodworking projects that sell, is a joyful job for many people.

Creativity and innovation in this work can make money for you.

In addition to the projects presented here, there are countless other things to build. You can try to find what’s your favorite by browsing Amazon’s search results for “Made from wood” query.

Making a variety of wooden sculptures is artistic and productive work.

By painting the sculptures you can create with your imagination and sell them as valuable artwork.

Some simple woodworking projects are used by people all around the world for many years. A table or chair is a simple example of things you can always sell. Feel good and show it in your wooden work.

In this article, we covered about 22 simple woodworking projects for beginners who are interested in woodworking.

We also talked about setting up a small home woodworking workshop.

You can start a small business with this.

All of the skillful woodworkers who are now doing elegant works and making a lot of income have started with these simple projects and small workshops. Now, it’s your turn!

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