Are you looking for new ideas of wood crafts to sell at craft shows and make money? Do you want to know the most in-demand wood crafts? Craft shows and fairs are the best opportunity to sell your handicrafts. But it is obvious that some crafts sell more. Let’s see why and which one.

There are several world-class wood arts that have more enthusiasts. The artists and woodworkers each have different experiences in this field. Join us to show you the best wood crafts to sell at craft shows and what you should consider when building them.

The Psychology of Sales at a Show

Wooden crafts are very interesting for many people. They love the innate and unique character of wood because no woodcraft can be exactly alike! These days, many people use wooden crafts as the elements of home interior design.

If you think that you are a good woodworker and you can make amazing projects, you might find a big market for your wooden crafts on Etsy website.

This site is a good platform for selling wooden crafts, in addition, handicraft shows are one of the places where people are interested in presenting and selling their products.

At these showplaces, you can directly get to know customers and their points of view. In-person selling at a show is much different than an online sale at a website.

At these showplaces, your behavior and appearance will affect your sales. So you need to be familiar with the psychology of sales. Psychology techniques, the way you talk, and even a smile can affect sales.

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Yet, if you still have troubles selling your wood crafts at the craft shows, then it’s time to look deeper into the psychology of selling and try to learn it.

Features of an Excellent Woodcraft Booth

Your booth at a show can affect your sales. A wood handicraft booth should be attractive and have a rustic theme. You also need a large table to put samples of your products. You can also create a catalog of your products and make it available for free to the visitors.

Your projects should be dust-free, clean and easy to view. For this purpose, it is better to shelve the booth. Also, note that you need to wear professional and neat clothes.

When a customer comes to your booth, you should not put any pressure on him to choose a particular product. The client should have the option to visit the whole booth freely. Don’t talk too much, a friendly smile is enough. You must place yourself in your customers’ shoes. Do you like to be pressured when you enter a booth?

The Most Popular Items at Wood Craft Shows

When looking for the most popular wooden crafts, there are a few things you need to do. The first one is to look at popular and best-selling wooden products on the Etsy website. Checking these items can give you ideas on what people are currently buying and what they like more. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to copy these projects and build the same item again! You should just take ideas from them and make your project in your own style, they are just for inspiration.

Also, you should pay attention to your region. It is a good idea to walk into some of the local woodcrafts shows and pay attention to the most active craft booths, see what products are most in-demand there. For example, a handmade ax might sell well in a forest area. There are also some classic items like a wooden pipe that may sell well.

A list of the Best Wood Crafts to Sell at Craft Shows

Here’s a list of wood crafts that sell well at seasonal and local shows.

Tree Branch Projects

You can make beautiful wooden projects from the branches of trees. The advantage of these projects is that you can use dry tree branches and minimize the cost of your project.

Wood Fashion Jewelry

Wooden jewelry is one of the classic wooden projects that always has its own fans. However, the wood jewelry market has been saturated in recent years. So you have to be creative for an outstanding income.

Woodturning Projects That Sell

Woodturning projects are very practical and if you make them at a high quality, they will sell well. There are many things to consider here.

Rustic Wood Project

Rustic wood projects are one of the most interesting wooden handicraft projects. These projects are used as an element in rustic-style interior design and they usually sell well.

Driftwood Sculptures

Wooden sculptures are one of the classic wooden projects. However the market is very saturated by these sculptures, so if you want to make them, you need to find your own unique style to make it profitable. You can also look at trendy methods to make sculptures that have recently gained a lot of fans. One of these is the driftwood sculptures.

1 Extra Wood Craft to Sell at Craft Shows

Fairs and shows are usually for fun. Most visitors to the handicrafts are families who come to the fairs with their children. Some of them may not be serious about shopping, but kids always love toys.

Wooden toys can definitely attract kids and bring families to your booth. So wooden toys can be one of the best options to choose and build for selling at a physical store or show, rather than online stores.

See also 22 simple woodworking projects that sell.

Some Notes About Selling at the Shows

Handicrafts shows may be a good place to sell wood crafts, but you should consider a few things when renting a booth.

  • Try getting your booth near the parking door.
  • The location of the booth is very important and should be easy to access.
  • Proximity to a fast food shop can also be a good option.
  • Also, keep in mind that you will need a flatbed dolly to move your projects from your vehicle to your booth.
  • Be sure to make a business card for yourself and share it with the people who visit your products. They are your potential customers and may order you in the future. List some of the prominent products on your business card.
    You can also make a brochure or catalog of your products and give them for free. Ask their phone number in exchange for letting them in a lottery and do re-marketing in the future.
  • Unfortunately, economic problems have led to low demand for purely artistic works. Many people have to save money, so functional wooden items are known as the best wood crafts to sell at craft shows.


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