Woodturning is one of the oldest arts that has many uses. As a woodturner, you can build and sell different turn-based projects. Woodturning projects have a lot of fans and you can easily sell them on different sites like as Etsy. These sites provide secure payment options for customers to buy wood crafts online.

In this article, we introduce the best woodturning projects that sell quickly & well.

Woodturning is the technique of turning and shaping a piece of wood due to the rotational movement of the lathe machine.

See woodturning art.

Making products such as canes, pipes, honey dippers, flutes, chess pieces, and kitchen utensils, all kinds of bowls, spindles, lidded boxes, sofa stands, and other projects are the subjects of woodturning art.

There is an important question. What woodturning projects should you make to be easily sold on online craft stores? If you want to know which product is more profitable and easier to sell, stay with us by the end of this article.

Popular/Best Seller Woodturning Projects

The important question is that which are the best woodturning projects for being sold as a best seller? This is a simple question but the answer is not straightforward. If so, everyone would knew what to make therefore being as a bestseller would be more difficult!

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So no-one can give a clear answer to this question. In fact, all wood projects can be the best option for selling. It is depended on when and where it is going to be sold.

A project may sell well in one area and not in another, or be a good option for special months and not in the others.

Making for Profit or Making for Passion

For sure, to sell a product at a good price, you need to make it high quality. This won’t happen until you work with passion. Woodturning is an art, you have to know what you enjoy doing or not. Ask yourself, what do you like to create? The answer is the right choice for being sold as a project.

If you are beginner, start with simple projects.

See 21 simple woodworking projects that sell.

Best Woodturning Projects That Sell

Here is a list of the best-turned projects that sell. This list is based on the personal experience of some professional carpenters. As mentioned, you might prefer some of them. Some of them may not sell well in your area.

Anyway, you can get some ideas from them. Remember that feedbacks from your customers are very important. You can improve your skills and your projects quality with reviewing their feedbacks.

1- Turned Bowls

Wooden bowls are one of the most common carpentry projects. They are very beautiful and functional. A wooden bowl is usually being sold at a good price. The live edge bowls are more artistic and more decorative.

Turned Bowl
Live Edge Bowl

2- Turned Wood Lidded Boxes

One of the most interesting items you can create on a lathe is a turned lidded box. There is an almost unlimited number of designs and shapes when making a turned wood lidded box. The differences usually relate to how the lid fits the box.

These projects have many uses. Turned Lidded boxes usually sell quickly at craft stores and art galleries, so they can also be quite profitable.

In the below, you can see that there are a lot of designs of these projects.

Turned Wood Lidded Box

3- Wood Turned Stands & Bases

Wood turned stand is another carpentry project that is very diverse. The sofa stands, lamp base, spindles, wood turned cake stands, chair bases and wood turned wig stands are examples of these projects.

4- Turned Kitchen Utensils

Wooden pounder, honey dippers, and rolling pin are examples of kitchen utensils that can be made with the help of a lathe. These projects are practical and usually sell well. It’s also relatively simple to make them. If you are a beginner in woodturning, you can start with these items.

One Point for More Selling ​​

Here’s a point for selling woodturning projects more, or generally for all carpentry products. Those who have the most sales are focused on just one or a few kinds of products.  It is better for you to be professional in making one type of project (e.g. turned bowl). The worst thing is to make several kinds of products.

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You don’t have to be super restrictive, but your customers want to know what to expect if they return to your shop. So focus on one or two products, and tell everyone you’re a master at making it.


The woodturning projects are very diverse and include many designs. According to experience, 4 categories of wood turned projects sell better than the others. They are:

  • Bowls
  • Lidded box
  • Stands & bases
  • Kitchen utensils

But as mentioned, we can’t say which project is the best item for you. If you love woodworking, and make some beautiful & high-quality products with passion, people will definitely buy it.

If you have any experiences, share it with us in the comments section.

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