Nowadays, many people are working in the wood industry. There are so many woodworking workshops all around the world.

We all work to gain revenue and provide a better life for ourselves or our family. But the point is that is the achievement of these good conditions by earning more revenue available to everyone? Can revenue be achieved without planning and defining a target?

There are so many carpenters around the world, so the competition is high in this industry.

Do you want to make money as a woodworker? If your answer is YES, the following questions may be for you:

  • Is there a secret in woodworking business?
  • Do all these woodworkers earn the same amount of money?
  • Why some woodworking professionals earn money more than the others?
  • Why the work quality of some woodworkers is higher than the others?

All of these questions have led us to share the experience of ourselves and some others in the field of woodworking with you.

Certainly, this article does not contain all the secrets and success codes in the woodworking industry, but we’ve tried to put some useful information together.

Stay with us to learn how to make money as a woodworker.

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What To Do To Make More Money In Woodworking?

If you want to make money as a woodworker, you have to consider these tips which have come from years of woodworking experience.

Be Reliable!

One of the most important things that matter to everyone and even yourself is to be reliable.

A woodworker must make the necessary forecasts for the timely delivery of the customer’s order. The first principle to prove to be reliable is timeliness.

For the first time, try to be on the project site sooner than the customer himself. Secondly, tell them that their project will take longer than they think.

All customers are always in a hurry and want to get the project delivered sooner than what they’ve agreed, but they are unaware that this hurry in carpentry won’t result in a well-finished project.

There is no rush in woodworking and the customer needs patience.

Wood Dad

Have a Professional Behavior

Being serious about what you’re going to do will tell the customer that you’re a professional woodworker. This is how you show them your professional behavior and seriousness.

Please do not make mistakes, being serious does not necessarily mean to frown. Have a smile on your lips, but be very serious about technical, financial and time matters.

Considering these tips we’ve mentioned above, you’re now a professional woodworker who’s chance is very high to make good money as a woodworker.

On Social Networks, Create Your Own Profile

In today’s world, it’s not possible to negate the influence of the presence of virtual networks for the improvement of a business.

This is your best opportunity to use these social networks as a place to introduce your services and products.

Many people use these social networks to make money, some of them earn millions of dollars each year.

Provide a complete explanation of your services and activities on social networks and share your portfolio images and videos with a full description of product specifications and contact information.

Buy a Quality Camera

One of the other things that will help you grow the number of your customers and increase your woodworking’s income is to provide the right product/service to your customers, exactly as what they want.

Given the fact that most carpentry’s portfolio is provided to customers by using the photo, having a good camera for carpenters is so important.

Until you don’t show them the real quality of your work, they won’t order services or buy products from you.

Writing a Contract Before Starting Work

Try to make a contract in a Word or PDF file according to your type of work and print this contract in multiple versions.

You can also write the contract by the hand, but it’ll look more professional when it comes to a digital version.

By writing the contract, the customer will ensure the time of project delivery and also you will ensure the money you are going to get from your customer.

In case of any problems between the parties, you can resolve your problems by referring to this agreement.

Do a Variety of Woodworking Projects, Not Only One

As you know, the wood industry has many branches. At the same time, try to learn the other profession related to the wood industry, along with the activity you are doing. For example, if you make musical instruments with wood, try to learn how to make wooden furniture.

There is a famous proverb that says:

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket!

Do Something Interesting And Special

Try to be creative in the carpentry and think of your work. Of course, share your ideas with your customers before running.

Do something interesting and special. see 21 Simple Woodworking Projects That Sell and 6 Easy DIY Woodworking Projects to Make at Home.

If your idea brings the customer closer to his goal, he will surely accept it.

If you succeeded in this, you can sell the idea to the next customer later in the next project.

Have a Stylish Workshop

Unfortunately, given that basically many of the woodworkers do not believe in wood dust collector machine, these dust are regularly distributed in the workshop space and leave a bad face.

Our suggestion is to first use the wood dust collector machine. If you cannot have a machine, clean your workshop regularly.

Use the shelf to store your supplies and woodworking tools.

Keep your desk tidy and place everything where it should be.

Certainly, the customer will enjoy a clean, well-organized workshop.

Use Modern Carpentering Tools

Good work is done with good tools. If you want to be one of the best woodworkers in the world, you should have the right tools.

A good tool will speed up your operation and will:

  • Allow you to accept various orders
  • Increase the quality of your work
  • Have more safety for you and your colleagues

Good tools will work better for you.

No matter how much money you paid for a tool, you’ll make several times more than that.

Get High-Quality Raw Materials

One of the things that increases the quality of work is the use of quality raw materials.

For example, there are many companies selling MDF sheets; but do all these companies produce high-quality sheets?

Surely, the answer is no. If you are going to do quality work, you’ll need high-quality raw materials.

Quality wood, quality fittings, and high-quality paint are the primary materials that a carpenter needs to pay special attention to.


In this article, you’ve found some tips that are useful for any carpenter to make more money. Paying attention to these tips can make you a professional woodworker.

Try to create a unique style of your own to attract your own customers. In the end, you should always be truthful.

Honesty is necessary and effective in all aspects of the life of any person.

No one likes to interact with a liar.

Wood Dad

If there is a problem with your work, explain the reason for your customer honestly and try to solve the problem.

How to make money as a woodworker is easy. All the tips of this article will increase the number of your customers and you’ll make more money, of course.

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