In this post, we have collected a list of 6 easy DIY woodworking projects to make at home.

Making easy home-made woodworking projects can be very interesting and enjoyable. You can also sell them or give to your friends and family as a gift.

What is a better gift than a wooden artwork that reflects your creativity? The projects listed here are very simple and you can easily make them at your home or workshop.

You do not need a lot of tools to build these projects. To find out what tools you need, you can see best woodworking tools for beginners.

With a little creativity and confidence, you can make any of 6 easy DIY woodworking projects on this list.

1- Wooden Mobile Holder

Today, we all use mobile devices and we always carry them everywhere. Making a simple wooden mobile holder with pieces of the stick can be very interesting.

This project is very functional and everyone may want to have one on their desk. The idea of ​​making it is very simple. For example, see the picture below.

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Wooden mobile holder with a slice of a tree branch

As you can see, you can create a mobile holder only with a slice of a tree branch. With a little creativity, you can make other models that are a bit more difficult.

Wooden mobile holder
Reference: Instagram @timbertaliordesign

2- Wooden Pencil Holder

A pencil holder is very necessary for a work desk. If you want to have a specific place for pencils and pens that gives special beauty to your work environment, we suggest you use a wooden pencil holder.

The idea of ​​making it is very easy. One piece of wood with any desired shape and a number of holes to put pencil, that’s it. This can be a great wooden gift for students.

wooden pencil holder

Reference: Instagram @papelihandmade

As an interesting idea, you can combine a pencil holder with a mobile holder. You can inspire from the following pictures to do this.

Reference: Instagram @papelihandmade

Reference: Instagram @timbertaliordesign

Wood Burned Tree Slice

You can use wood slices that are cut from different trees. You can design on these slides by providing a wood burning tool.

Wood burning tools are inexpensive and simple and you can do this art at home easily.

For getting to know with wood burning tools see essential tools for pyrography art.

Reference: Instagram @papelihandmade

4- Wooden Necklace

The wooden necklace is one of the most engaging jewelry you can make with wood. A wooden necklace evokes a rustic touch that has its own fans.

Wooden jewelry is very diverse, but the wooden necklace is the easiest case to do at home.

Wooden necklace

Reference: Instagram @papelihandmade

You can draw your favorite design on the wooden necklace with pyrography art.

To learn how to create pyrography art using the tools, see How to Make Pyrography Jewelry – Step By Step Tutorial.

pyrography jewelry

Also, the use of epoxy resin in this wooden jewelry is very common and has recently gained a lot of fans. See the below picture.

Reference: Instagram @papelihandmade

5- Rustic Wood Vase

The rustic wood vase is one of the interesting projects which you can make at home. This project will give your home a warm and inviting feel.

How to make these vases is very simple. You can create a unique rustic wood vase by a slice of log and placing a glass tube in it.

Rustic Wood Vase

Reference: Instagram @papelihandmade

6- Rustic Candle Holder

Making candle holders is one of the easiest projects that you can create with just one tree branch. You should have holes in the tree branch as large as your candles.

Rustic Candle Holder

We reviewed 6 very easy DIY woodworking projects. You can build them at your home.

For other woodworking projects that you can sell to make money, see 21 simple woodworking projects that sell.

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