Lichtenberg Wood Burning Ebook

A Complete Step by Step Tutorial on Fractal / Lichtenberg Wood Burning Technique. All You Need To Know For Start Making Lichtenberg Figures With Fractal Wood Burning Technique On Wood.

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You will learn how to create Lichtenberg figures on wood with electricity.

greencheckIntroduction of Lichtenberg Wood Burning
greencheckEquipment and Tools Needed
greencheckTechnical and Safety Tips
greencheckLichtenberg Burning Process Step by Step
greencheckNew Ideas of Lichtenberg Art

Lack of proper education resource in Lichtenberg wood burning Technique always led to insufficient attention to safety issues which has unfortunately caused many people to lose their lives.

In this eBook, you will be introduced to the proper equipment, as well as tips from experienced people to improve your skills. This is what you will need in Lichtenberg's technique.


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What is Fractal Wood Burning?

This Video Shows You How To Create Lichtenberg Figures By Burning Wood

What Our Readers Are Saying

This book is one of the best resources for learning how to burn wood with fractal Technique. I can honestly say that you will not find a better and fuller source than this book.


Joseph Ramos

A Passionate Woodworker

If you are looking for a way to learn and use the fractal Technique to burn wood, be sure you will not find any better and more comprehensive tutorial than this book. This book will teach you all the steps to do this and get the Lichtenberg figures you want.


Kathleen Greene

Craftswoman - Dallas, Texas

Honestly, I was scared to try this Technique, but after reading this tutorial, my fear disappeared, and with the safety recommendations of this book, I tried it very easily and got a nice Liechtenberg figure on my table.


Martin Holt

Mechanical Engineer - Walter D, inc.

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