If you want to give your father an interesting gift, here is a list of 13 woodworking gift ideas for fathers.

Wooden gifts have a good feeling and relatively inexpensive. With a little money, you can get one of the wooden gifts of this list.

Also, you can build these projects yourself at home with little time and perseverance. See 6 Easy DIY Woodworking Projects to Make at Home.

A wooden handmade gift reflects your creativity that your father will be proud of! You can save money by making a woodworking gift for father’s day, and tell others that you’ve made it for him.

Most of these projects are simple and at the same time functional, and your father will certainly use them.

13 Woodworking Gift Ideas For Fathers

1- Dad Wood Signs

Dad Wood Signs

A wooden sign with a rustic theme can be a great gift for fathers. This gift always reminds your creativity to your father.

Making this project is very simple. You can write different texts on it such as the name, greetings of the father’s day, poetry, and so on.

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2-Wooden IPad Holder

Wooden iPad Holder
Reference: Instagram @wood.moda

Wooden iPad Holder is one of the most practical wooden gifts for dads who use an iPad.

It can be more attractive by adding your father’s name and a lovely message you want to convey to him.

This work will show how much you appreciate him.

3- Wooden Tie Rack

Every man uses crochet and a belt.

So a Wooden Tie Rack with innovative design is a great gift for fathers.

They will certainly use it.

4- Pyrography of Father’s Day Card

Pyrography on wood is one of the most interesting gifts.

You need a woodburning pencil to write a text with burn effects on wood. Pyrography tools are very simple and inexpensive.

You can congratulate your father on this day by writing a lovely sentence on the wood.

Making father’s day card with Pyrography is easy, do your best.

See best wood for wood burning art.

5- Photo Frame

If you are going to celebrate Father’s Day in an amazing way, there is a unique way in here.

A wooden photo frame with a photo of you & your father when you were a child.

6- Keychain

Make a wooden keychain and give it to your dad.

Making a wooden keychain is very simple.

You need a key ring, a piece of wood and a little creativity.

You can inspire from the pictures below.

7- Wooden Firewood Tote

If your father has to carry firewood during the winter, with this gift you will help him a lot.

Also, if your father loves camping, a Wooden Firewood Tote is a great gift for him.

You can make this relatively simple project with any types of wood at home.

8- Wooden Mug

Buy a wooden mage for your father, or build one yourself.

This gift is relatively inexpensive.

If you want to make a wooden mug yourself, you need a woodturning machine.

Making a wooden mug is a hard process. So we suggest you buy one.

9- Wooden Tablet Holder

If your father uses a tablet, make him happy with a wooden tablet holder.

You can add your father’s name and a lovely message by wood burning tools.

10- Mobile Back Cover

Phone back cover is a need for all mobile users.

If your father uses his mobile a lot, this gift can be a good option for him.

Wood is very suitable for making the mobile cover due to its elasticity.

11- Engraved Wood Gifts

Wood carvings are one of the arts you can use to make simple wooden gifts for your father.

For more info see how to make wooden engraved gifts.

12- Wooden Toolbox

A toolkit lets you work anywhere with your own tools.

Although you have tools for professional uses or just basic needs, a sturdy wooden toolbox can be used to carry almost every piece of equipment.

On the other hand, a wooden toolbox is something that your father can use for a long time, even if he changes his job.

Therefore, this gift is definitely suitable for fathers.

13- Ashtray

Reference: Instagram @ederwood

If your father smokes, a wooden ashtray can surprise him.

Making an ashtray with a rustic theme is simple.

You can also use epoxy resin to make the exterior work more attractive.

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