Always giving a gift to your mother makes you feel good. Have you ever thought about a special gift for your mom on the mother’s day? If not, we’ve prepared a list of DIY wooden gifts for moms which you can make yourself or buy it at a low cost.

Give her a gift that you’ve made it yourself. No matter how much you spend on a gift, mothers really do not see things by money.

Here is an exciting and amazing offer for you, DIY wooden gifts.

If you think you do not have enough money to surprise your mother with beautiful gifts, you can make a wooden gift for her.

Here is a list of 7 amazing ideas of DIY wooden gifts for moms. Making most of these projects is relatively simple. But to make some of them you need a special woodworking tool.

See the best woodworking tools for beginners.

If you can’t make them yourself, you can buy them from the craft shops with very little money. 

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1- Wooden Pocket Mirror

All women check how they look and their face in the mirror when they wake up in the morning. A wooden pocket mirror is one of the things your mother will definitely use. This gift is interesting for any woman. You can make this gift with some creativity and with the help of simple woodworking tools.

Of course, you need a frameless mirror. This gift is really beautiful and is very suitable for mother’s day. Each time she looks at the mirror she’ll remember you and feels you deep in her heart.

Wooden pocket mirror
Reference: Instagram @gisowood

2- Wooden Hair Fork

If your mother has long hairs, be sure to surprise her with a wooden fork. Making this wooden project is very simple. You need only a piece of wood and a knife. Of course, it’s important to sand the fork so that it does not have any rough texture. This gift is truly a lovely one. Try using wood types that have beautiful texture.

3- Wooden Comb

All women care about their hair and it can be said that there is no woman who does not comb her hair every day. So a wooden comb can be the best gift for a mother. The wooden combs have plenty of benefits, which are more popular than plastic and metal combs.

Try to sand the teeth of comb well so that the comb teeth become perfectly soft. This is a very important point. Also, use a hardwood like walnut wood for making wooden combs.

Reference Instagram: @gisowood

4- Wooden Jewelry Box

You can create a beautiful jewelry box with the simplest woodworking tools like a hand saw and several metal hinges. This gift can be perfectly suitable for mother’s day.

Wooden jewelry box

There are various methods and techniques for making a wooden jewelry box. You can even make it without a hinge. See the picture below.

Chip carving

To learn how to make this beautiful project see zen carving, the minimalist way to miniature chip carving.

5- Cosmetics Wooden Holder

Eyeliner & eyeshadows are the most popular cosmetics. Making a wooden holder is simple. Look at the picture below. Although this project has been built by woodturning machine, you have to be creative. You can find the right tree branch and cut it in a transverse section. Now you need a drill to make a hole in it. Do not try to make it too hard. Of course, if you do not have enough time, you can buy Cosmetics wooden holder at a low price. 

Cosmetics Wooden Holder

6- Wooden Jewelry

If you can not buy expensive jewelry for your mother, don’t worry. Wooden jewelry has a rustic feel which has got many fans nowadays. Making this jewelry is almost easy. Wooden jewelry includes wooden rings, bracelets, earrings, wooden locket, and wooden necklaces.

There are many techniques for making wooden jewelry. One of these techniques is pyrography art.

pyrography jewelry

For learning how to make this pyrography jewelry see how to make pyrography jewelry, step by step tutorial.

Also, by combining wood and epoxy resin, you can create the most beautiful wooden jewelry. Of course, this requires knowledge of using the resin. The article of epoxy resin for wood in this field can help you.

Secret wood: combining wood and epoxy resin

You can make your mother happy with a wooden necklace including a lovely sentence. Do not miss this one!

wooden jewelry

7- Wooden Keychain

You can make a keychain by a little wooden block and a knife. You can write a beautiful sentence for your mother with a wood-burning pen or methods of wood engraving.

See how to make wooden engraved gifts.

But an amazing suggestion is to add your mother’s image to the keychain. Get a nice picture of your mom (which she personally likes, believe me, don’t take the one that you like and she doesn’t :D) and print it according to the size of the wooden block and stick it on the block.  It’s very simple. You can drill a hole on one of the block corners and add a key ring.

wooden keychain

Other Wooden Gifts For The Mothers

There are many DIY wooden gifts for moms. Wooden spoons, wooden mobile holders, wooden signs, etc.

But here we have tried to introduce projects that are really simple and also interesting for moms.

If you have any suggestions, let us know in the comments.

We’ve also a great selection of DIY wooden gifts for fathers which you can simply make them and give to your dad as a gift, see 13 interesting woodworking gift ideas for fathers.

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