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Always giving a gift to your mother makes you feel good. Have you ever thought about a special gift for your mom on the mother’s day? If not, we’ve prepared a list of DIY wooden gifts for moms which you can make yourself or buy it at a low cost. Give her a gift that you’ve made it yourself. No matter how much you spend on a gift, mothers really do not see things by…

In this article, we review some cool ideas of Lichtenberg wood burning. The base of these ideas is the creation of schemes like thunder or tree on the wood, known as the Lichtenberg designs. Lichtenberg design is very cool and has a lot of fans. If you have not heard anything about this art or you’re looking for ideas on how to use this art, do not miss this. Lichtenberg Wood Burning When it comes…

The innovations that have been emerged in the wood industry are growing every day. Combination of wood and resin is one of the newest innovations in the woodworking field. The resin is a natural or synthetic material that is very sticky and is usually dissolved in alcohol but isn’t soluble in water. Resins depending on the chemical composition and their uses are classified in different types. It also is being used a lot in the…

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