Florida is one of the most important states in USA. According to the climate of this area, magnolia trees can grow well there. Magnolias are beautiful trees with large flowers that come in many varieties and are well known in Florida. In this article, you will learn about 3 types of Magnolia Trees in Florida.

Where is Florida?

Florida is a state located in the Southeastern region of the United States. This state is bordered to the west by the Gulf of Mexico, to the northwest by Alabama, to the north by Georgia, to the east by the Bahamas and the Atlantic Ocean, and to the south by the Straits of Florida and Cuba; It is the only state that borders both the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean.

How is the Climate in Florida?

In Florida, summers are too long, very warm, and fairly humid. In winter the weather is almost mild and of course, sometimes it gets quite cold. Coastal areas in all sections of Florida average slightly warmer temperatures in winter and cooler ones in summer.

In general, it can be said that the climate in Florida is sub-tropical.

What Climate is Suitable for Growing Magnolia Trees?

Magnolias are available for almost any climate, especially if you can provide protection from harsh conditions. A temperature between 9 and 21 degrees is very suitable for the growth of this plant. The magnolia tree can be planted as an ornamental plant on the lawn or as a street tree.

Do Magnolias Grow Well in Florida?

According to the above, Florida’s climate is suitable for growing magnolia trees. It is interesting to know that one type of magnolia native to Florida, which you will learn about later. In general, magnolia has many different species, most of which grow well in Florida and especially are best suited to North and Central Florida.

Historic Magnolia Tree, Destin City in Florida

Types of Magnolias in Florida

Magnolia has about 80 different species. In the following, you will get to know the 3 types of magnolia that are most known in Florida.

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Southern Magnolia

Magnolias come in all shapes and sizes in different species, but perhaps the most well-known magnolia in Florida is the Southern Magnolia with the scientific name Magnolia Grandiflora.

Some of the hallmarks of these trees are:

  • Lengthy flowering season
  • Large white blossoms
  • Stature (typically 30 to 50 feet tall but occasionally much larger)

Southern magnolia trees can grow up to 90 feet tall, depending on the type, and have lustrous, evergreen foliage. In the picture below you can see a southern magnolia.

In the spring and summer, Southern magnolias produce creamy white flowers that have a lemony smell and can be as large across as a soccer ball.

Ashe’s Magnolia (Magnolia Ashei)

Another type of magnolia that is native to Florida is Ashe’s magnolia with the scientific name Magnolia Ashei. Its name was given in honor of William Willard Ashe of the United States Forest Service.

Unlike Southern Magnolia, Magnolia Ashei is not well known because it has not spread past its restrained native range of only six northwest Florida panhandle counties!

Magnolia Ashei blossom

Magnolia Ashei can grow up to 40 feet. Like southern magnolia, it has large white blossoms and unlike it, it does not have shiny leaves. For more information see How to Grow Ashe’s Magnolia.

Magnolia Virginiana

Magnolia Virginiana, most commonly known as Sweetbay Magnolia is a member of the magnolia family. The foliage of Magnolia Virginiana is smaller and thinner than southern magnolia. Magnolia Virginiana is native to the lowlands and swamps of the Atlantic coastal plain of the eastern United States, from Florida to Long Island, New York.

Magnolia Virginiana
The 2″-3″ creamy white flowers have a light lemon scent

These trees are evergreen in areas with milder winters (such as Florida) and deciduous in colder areas. Like most types of magnolia, it has large white flowers. Also, Magnolia Virginiana has red fruits (These fruits are inedible).

Magnolia Virginiana fruit


In this article, we mentioned 3 types of magnolia trees that are native to Florida. Florida has long been associated with the name “Magnolia“. It is interesting to know Magnolia, Florida was a thriving river port town in southern Wakulla County, Florida, established in the 1820s and is classified as an “extinct city” by the State Library and Archives of Florida.

According to the climate of the state of Florida, all kinds of magnolia species native to different parts of the world can grow well in this state. So if you are looking for a magnificent tree for your yard, Magnolia is one of the right choices. Enjoy the magical scent of its blossoms.

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