In this article, we review some cool ideas of Lichtenberg wood burning.

The base of these ideas is the creation of schemes like thunder or tree on the wood, known as the Lichtenberg designs.

Lichtenberg design is very cool and has a lot of fans.

If you have not heard anything about this art or you’re looking for ideas on how to use this art, do not miss this.

Lichtenberg Wood Burning

When it comes to designing and working with wood, we are reminded of modern furniture and gallant decoration or other woodworking art projects.

Surely there are so many wood artists, but few of them have new ideas, which make them better than the rest.

Using the most modern tools to implement our ideas is not always necessary; instead, a creative mind is always ready to leak out pure ideas and can create works that can surprise everyone.

Lichtenberg wood burning is an innovative method to design on wood by burning it with a high voltage of electricity.

This phenomenon was first introduced by the German physicist George Christophe Lichtenberg.

The Lichtenberg design is, in fact, a kind of design like tree branches. That being said, by evacuating the high voltage of electricity inside the insulating material, creates a miniature form of lightning.

Fractal wood burning and electric wood burning art are other names of this art.

How To Do Lichtenberg Wood Burning

As we mentioned, high voltages are used in this method, which is a type of burning on the wood.

The method is very simple; there are two numbers of connectors that we pin with a huge potential difference in the two points of the wood.

This voltage causes the burning of wood with a random figure.

Usually, before applying the electricity to the surface of the wood, we soak it with a solution of water and salt or water and Sodium bicarbonate. After a few minutes, when the solution has reached in Depth of the wood, the voltage is applied.

The figure will be different, by switching the connectors, changing the voltage or the amount of it, and the change in moisture content.

You can see how it works in the videos below:

Lichtenberg Wood Burning

Fractal Wood Burning

Some Cool Ideas of Lichtenberg Wood Burning

Ideas of Lichtenberg designs are used for a variety of wooden projects by some artists.

Lichtenberg wood burning handicraft is the best gift for giving out to your friends and relatives because along with the charm and beauty, it is a very new and unique work that few people may know and have seen before.

In the following, we will introduce you the ideas that will show you how to create attractive and strange designs on the wood using the Lichtenberg method.

Lichtenberg Designs on Woodworking Projects

lichtenberg design on wooden projects
lichtenberg design on decorative lamps
Lichtenberg design on decorative lamp
reference: Instagram @wood_bulb
fractal wood burning
Fractal wood burning on wooden projects
Reference: Instagram @bavariadesign
lichtenberg design on cup holder
reference: Instagram @outdoorsyhomedecor
wooden frame with lichtenberg
Wooden frame with lichtenberg design
reference: Instagram @outdoorsyhomedecor

As you can see, Lichtenberg technique can be done on any woodworking project.

You can also create beautiful artworks from the combination of art and epoxy resin.

The cracks created by a high voltage in the wood can be filled with a variety of materials and give them a special effect.

Some examples of these are shown below.

lichtenberg art and epoxy resin
Lichtenberg art and epoxy resin
Reference: Instagram @bavariadesign
lichtenberg wood burning and epoxy resin
fractal wood burning and resin epoxy
Fractal wood burning and epoxy resin
Reference: Instagram @bavariadesign
fractal wood burning
fractal wood burning and gold
Lichtenberg wood burning and gold
Reference: Instagram @wood_bulb

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