wood electricity art


The technique of burning wood with electricity or Lichtenberg wood burning is one of the cool tricks to create random figures on wood. This technique has been tested by many people in recent years and there are various experiences in this field. There are many points and details which are important to get the desired result with the process of Lichtenberg wood burning. One of the things that will greatly affect the outcome is the…

Wood arts represent the connection between man and nature. It can be said that since humans had been starting to make tools, the relationship between man and wood has been started and still continues. Wood is a natural material that is abundant in different parts of our planet and is one of the materials used by early humans. Humans always have provided an important part, or at least one part of their needs, through this…

In this article, we review some cool ideas of Lichtenberg wood burning. The base of these ideas is the creation of schemes like thunder or tree on the wood, known as the Lichtenberg designs. Lichtenberg design is very cool and has a lot of fans. If you have not heard anything about this art or you’re looking for ideas on how to use this art, do not miss this. Lichtenberg Wood Burning When it comes…

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