If you are using a fireplace for warming your home, it may be a question for you that what wood is toxic to burn?

It’s always enjoyable to turn on the fire outdoors or turn on the fire in a fireplace. But it’s important to know that you can’t burn all the woods.

Some types of wood produce toxic gases when burned, which is very dangerous to health. You need to be aware of this matter because if you don’t know about the types of wood that is not suitable for burning it will end up ruining you & your family’s health.

In this article, we will thoroughly review the woods that you should not burn.

It does not matter if you have a wood burning stove or a wooden fireplace, or even you want to burn on a bonfire outside the house, there are always some tips on this.

On the other hand, there are some types of wood, although not poisonous, but still not suitable for burning and will threaten your health.

Toxic Woods To Not Burn In The Fireplace

What Wood Is Toxic To Burn? This question has two general answers: poisonous woods and treated woods.

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Some types of wood are really poisonous to burn in the fireplace. These woods produce toxic smoke that can be very dangerous.

Although the smoke from burning other woods is also harmful to health, smoke from toxic woods is much more dangerous.

We suggest you to read the best firewood for fireplaces.

Poison oak

One species of this plant grows widely in western North America. When there is the word “poison” in the name of this plant, it is clear that you do not like to burn the branches of this plant in the indoor fireplace.

As you may guess, this plant is not suitable for burning in the fireplace and produces toxic smoke.

Poison Ivy

This poisonous plant grows in Asia and North America. It’s a toxic plant that is not suitable for burning. When looking for firewood in the forest, take care of this plant that is twisted around the woods.

Poison Sumac

Poison sumac is a toxic plant in the form of a woody shrub tree or small tree growing to 9 meters.

This plant usually grows in the southern United States. Again, you should never burn this plant in your fireplace because it’s dangerous to your health.


Oleander (also called Nerium) is one of the beautiful plants that grow like shrubs and is very toxic.

This plant usually grows along rivers and streams and have beautiful flowers either white, pink, or red that the same flowers will deceive the people.

Never use the brunch of this toxic plant as a fire starter. This plant is really poisonous so that even the insects escape from it.

Mexican Pepper

It is a type of plant that produces some toxic smoke when burned. Maybe you do not use Mexican pepper on your fireplace, but never fire it even when you’re out of the house.


The driftwoods are found mostly on the shores of the seas and along the rivers. Maybe you’ve already used the driftwoods at the seashore to turn the fire on.

But you should not burn them at the fireplace.

These woods contain chemical compounds (like dioxin) that produce toxic gases when burned.

You also can’t use the driftwoods to turn on the bonfire for barbecue.

It is best to use driftwoods to make decorative projects. see how to make a driftwood sculpture.

Green Woods

Greenwood is a wood that is not completely dry. Greenwood needs 6 to 9 months to become seasoned wood (completely dry wood).

Generally, Greenwood is not suitable firewood for fireplaces. See is pine good firewood?.

Greenwood contains plenty of water and gum. The chemicals found in gum trees produce toxic smoke when burned.

Also, the water in the greenwood causes incomplete ignition, which causes a lot of smoke. So do not use greenwood in the fireplace at home.

Plywood, Chipboard, Wood Pallets or Stained Wood

There is a wide range of wood that has been altered by humans.

The Plywood, chipboard, or stained wood all have chemicals such as glue and paints and plastics, which, when burned, produce highly toxic gases.

Some of these types of wood are treated with chemicals, which you don’t want to breathe and fill your home air with that.

Burning these woods is not recommended even in outdoor areas because it has environmental degradation effects. So never burn them up in the fireplace for home heating.


In this article, we tried to give a complete answer to this question, What Wood Is Toxic To Burn?

we have seen that you can not burn all the woods safely in the fireplace.

Because there are many types of natural woods that are toxic to burning.

Remember that the types of wood which are treated with chemicals are not suitable for burning.

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