There are a lot of questions about whether is pine good firewood or not.

Some people believe you should never burn pine wood in the fireplace, and others insist on using it and they do it regularly.

Before we come into this discussion, we suggest you know about Features of good firewood. Therefore, you can see the best firewood for fireplaces. In that article, we have reviewed some of the best firewood for burning.

There we pointed out that Pinewood is a great fire starter, but due to its oil and resin content, it should only be burned in the outdoor fireplace.

Let us specifically consider pinewood in this article. The pine grows fast and if you live in an area where this tree is available to you, you may want to use it as firewood. But is pine good firewood? Stay with us.

Features of Pine Firewood

If you are planning to warm your home with a fireplace or wood stove, choosing the right firewood is very important. There are many types of firewood which are much more efficient than the others.

The use of pine as firewood is common in many mountainous parts of the United States. However, pine firewood has many disadvantages besides the advantages it has.

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Basically, suitable firewood for you should have six of the following features:

  • Burn easily
  • Produce lasting heat
  • Have a good smell
  • Be available
  • Produce less soot and creosote
  • Split easily

Let’s explore these factors for pinewood.

How To Burn

The pinewood is in the category of softwoods. It has a lower density than most of the other woods. This makes it easy to burn and burn quickly. So if you want to use it to start the fire, this is a very good idea. Pine Firewood is a good fire starter.

Lasting Heat

This firewood produces so much heat in a little bit of time. This point also confirms that this firewood is useful to start a fire. In fact, the pine firewood does not produce lasting heat, and you have to add it in a short time.


A pine tree is a very persistent tree that survives in different weather conditions.

Pine is evergreen and grows fairly quickly and able to grow in a wide range of soil conditions.

Pine and its varieties are the most species of trees on Earth. In the United States, too, they are abundantly seen.


The smell of firewood is another factor that you should consider.

Pine firewood has a pleasant aroma that it is famous for the festive smell.

In general, one of the benefits of Pinewood, in addition to availability, is its great odor.

How To Split

This wood has many nodes and can be difficult to be split. But Seasoned Pine will split very easier.

Amount of Soot and Creosote

With a high resin and natural oil in the wood’s tissues, pines produce more soot and creosote than most firewoods.

Creosote is a dark brown flammable tar from especially wood smoke on the walls of a chimney.

This point is one of the disadvantages of pine firewood.

Natural resin of pine tree


According to the above, it can be said that pine firewood does not get a good score on the three factors and it takes a good score on the other three factors:

Good Score

  • How to burn ✔
  • Availability ✔
  • Smell ✔

Bad Score

  • Lasting heat ✘
  • How to split ✘
  • Amount of creosote ✘

An important problem when you burn pine firewood is the chance for creosote buildup inside the chimney. If these flammable deposits catch fire, the result is a chimney fire that probably fires out your home!

You see this factor is one of the pitfalls of pine that cannot be ignored. On the other hand, This is not a very strange thing, all the firewood produce creosote and pinewood specifically, more than the rest.

So you have three ways to use pine firewood that you can take advantage of:

  • Use pine firewood for outdoor fireplaces.
  • Use a bit of pinewood as a fire starter.
  • Use for indoor fireplaces provided that make sure to clean your chimney once per year.

Now you answer this question: Is pine good firewood? you can answer in comments section below.

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