White pine firewood can be a good choice for fireplaces! In this post, we want to dive into this subject. If you want to know if the pine is good firewood, see is pine good firewood.

Also, if you are looking to know the best firewood for your fireplace, see The Best Firewood For Fireplaces.

Knowledge of trees can be useful for choosing the best wood when needed, we should know each tree with its main characteristics and also where it’s going to be used.

For this reason, every week, we’re going to introduce you to a tree and uses of that which can be in different situations.

In mountainous areas, one of the uses of trees such as white pine is to use them as firewood. If you love pinewood, you must stay with us.

Specifications Of Eastern White Pine

Eastern White Pine

Eastern white pine or white pine is one of the pine species.

The leaves of this tree grow with five needles.

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Every autumn, all the white pine needles, except leaves that grow the same year, fall to the ground.

These trees are always green, and they always hold green leaves.

Unlike some other trees, Eastern White Pine has cones instead of flowers or fruits.

Cones of Pine Tree

White pine is a fast-growing tree and is one of the most important species of pine in North America and is suitable for wood and firewood.

This tree is very large and can be easily pruned.

Uses of White Pine

White Pine Needles

The gum of white pine can be used as a lighter.

We can form a natural epoxy by mixing the hot gum of this tree and briquettes.

Pine needles are a great fire starter.

Green pine branches are suitable for roofs of shelters.

The dry and dead pine branches are sometimes the best developers of fire, in addition, use these branches to make the drill and use it to start a fire with friction.

White Pine Firewood

White pine firewood is not a good choice for indoor fireplaces due to the high amount of creosote, but it is a good choice for outdoor burning!

Eastern White Pine is one of the most common and widely-used woods for different uses in the northeast United States.

This wood is very accessible.

However it is not very popular as firewood, and white pine firewood is much cheaper than the other firewoods.

So if you are using an outdoor fireplace, instead of burning your money, use white pine firewood 🙂

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