The chainsaw is a portable mechanical saw that can be used for many applications such as pruning and felling of trees, cutting of woods, firewoods, and so on.

Chainsaws have made cutting hardwoods and logs easier and efficient.

Usually, Chainsaw engines work with a two-stroke gasoline (petrol) internal combustion engine or an electric motor driven by a battery.

The idea of ​​cutting for this tool is a set of teeth attached to a rotating chain which are placed on a guide bar.

The chainsaw chain is the most important part of this tool.

Everyone who works with this tool needs to know what is the best kind of chain for different purposes.

Because hardwood is one of the most important types of wood that can be chipped by a chainsaw, we plan to review the best chainsaw chain for hardwood.

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Choosing a Proper Chainsaw Chain               

The chainsaw chain that actually performs the cutting action, is the most important aspect of the chainsaw.

It’s very important that the chain cuts as deeply and quickly as possible.

Choosing an effective chain for reasonable costs can be a serious challenge for those who constantly want to use the chainsaw.

One of the problems that woodworkers who are using chainsaws may face, is that sometimes the cutting tooths can get stuck into the wood and cause the tool to kickback and possibly injure the woodworker. This can happen due to different reasons:

  • Maybe the depth gauges have been filled too low
  • A slack chain could cause that
  • Applying overpressure when cutting
  • Chains are not compatible with your chainsaw

You see that choosing the right chain can prevent many problems like this.

If you do not want the life span of your chainsaw to be reduced, and do not waste your money to buy a low effective chain, you should be careful about choosing a chainsaw chain.

There are a lot of things you should know about chains before choosing them.

The Chainsaw Should be Compatible With Your Saw

You must check what chain is compatible with your chainsaw. Because you have to use a chainsaw whose size is compatible with your chainsaw bar and the drive sprocket.

The chain type is specified on the side of your chainsaw bar and you must check your chainsaw manual to find information such as chainsaw bar length, chain pitch size, and gauge size.

The Best Type of Chainsaw Chain For Hardwood

After you know which type of chain is compatible with your saw, the time to pick up a good chain comes up.

There are various types of chainsaw chains on the market that claim to be suitable for hardwood.

When you want to cut a hardwood tree, you’re probably looking for the best type of chain.

Naming a type of chain as the best for hardwood is very difficult because each brand has many different pros & cons.

However, we’ve checked out some of the Chains for hardwood and got to four cases.

1- Oregon Speed Cut Chainsaw Chain

Oregon Speed Cut Chainsaw Chain is really one of the best. A famous brand that produces different types of chains.

It is faster than other chains, and it is also sharper and more durable.


  • With sharp teeth and high cutting speeds
  • Easy installation
  • High durability
  • Great for cutting hardwood and log
  • Amount of drive links varies (chainsaw bars from 13″ up to 20″ with pitch size 0.325″ and 0.050″ gauge size)

2- Oregon Control Cut Chainsaw Chain

Another Oregon brand chain that’s really great. It works in many conditions and is very suitable for cutting firewood.


  • Has excellent performance
  • Great for cutting firewood and hardwood
  • Suitable for use in various conditions
  • Has a low-kickback and low-vibration design
  • High safety features

3- Husqvarna H46 Chainsaw Chain

Husqvarna H46 Chainsaw Chain is another suitable chain for hardwood, made by one of the best brands.

The teeth of this chain makes it one of the strongest chainsaw chains.


  • Has excellent performance
  • Easy to install and sharpen
  • Great for cutting hardwood
  • Suitable for a wide range of bar lengths 12″-36″.

4- Husqvarna 16-Inch H30-66 


  • Extremely low vibrations
  • Has excellent performance
  • Great for cutting hardwood trees


We reviewed the best chainsaw chains for hardwood in this article.

According to the above, you should choose a chain that is first compatible with your saw, and secondly, with your propose.

Here is a list of the four types of best chains which are available on the market.

This list is the best from our point of view, however, maybe some others prefer to choose in another way.

For sure, there are other great brands that we may have forgotten to review them here. If you know some, we kindly ask you to introduce them to us in the comment form below.

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