What are the best types of wood for furniture? The role of wood in human life cannot be ignored. Throughout history, we have always used this material to make living things.

As is clear, appliances wood comes from different types of trees.

Choosing the suitable wood to build a certain piece depends on the application and the nature of that thing.

For example, if you’re building a table or a chair, you should have to use woods that are very strong and can bear a lot of weight; however, if you’re building a keychain or a small piece of wood, you can use beautiful and lightweight woods that do not necessarily have that much strong.

The wood has colors, textures and special features, and you can identify them based on the items mentioned.

Nowadays wooden furniture is very popular among people, and knowing the woods is very important to build or buy furniture.

In this article, we will review some types of wood for furniture, as well as the various uses of suitable woods used in the furniture industry.

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Types Of Wood And Their Uses

Timber Wood Softwood Lumber Hardwood Wood Planks

The type of wood we choose determines specifications of the made-up wooden things.

There are many types of wood available and each has its own characteristics.

In summary, in this part, we’ve expressed the most common types of soft and hardwood and their features.

Unfortunately, there is no simple and short definition of these two species of wood.

There are many definitions and exceptions in this regard. But a few points help to better differentiate between these two species.


  • Hardwood trees often have long leaves.
  • Hardwood, with a few exceptions, usually grows slowly.
  • Hardwood is heavy and hard.

Oakwood, beech wood, walnut wood, balsa wood, alder wood, maple wood, and mahogany wood are examples of hardwood.

Due to the hardness and aesthetics of hardwood, they are mostly used in the construction of furniture, bookshelves, flooring and luxury items.


  • Softwood trees often have Needle-shaped leaves.
  • Softwood usually comes from gymnosperm trees and grows quickly.
  • Softwoods are soft and light.

Pinewood, redwood, and cedar wood are examples of softwood.

Most of the lumber in the world are softwoods.

There are many uses, including the manufacture of furniture, door, and window and found in building medium-density fiberboard (MDF) as well as in the paper industry.

Which Is The Best Wood For Furniture?

A: Which Is The Best Wood For Furniture?
A: I’m asking you again, Don’t make me angry! Which Is The Best Wood For Furniture?
B: Just let me go! :((

In general, it can be said that both hardwood and softwood can be used to make furniture.

So knowing the characteristics of different woods can help to make suitable furniture. Also, you need to know the tools you want to use on your woodworking project.

Oakwood is very suitable for modern furniture and flooring. It is durable and has good coordination with red colors and white ranges.

Walnut wood is a special and expensive one that makes your furniture look great and is usually used in classical decorations.

Cherry wood is usually chosen for luxury decorations. This beautiful wood is used to make furniture and doors and gives them a special glory.

The Cherry wood is expensive but very beautiful, it has a beige color and on the whole, it’s worth the price you pay for it.

Beechwood is an opponent, it has a lot of durabilities and it is beautiful. The color is usually yellowish-brown and good to a warm and bright environment. This wood is usually used in modern decorations. It is flexible and used in furniture.

The Best Wood For Furniture In Baby Room

Some woods have unique properties.

For example, interior designers believe that furniture made of alder wood has a golden and clear color.

This wood is ideal for use in the baby room and has a warm color while providing a happy atmosphere.

Therefore alder wood can be a good option for the baby’s room furniture.

The Suitable Wood for Wet Areas

To making furniture for wet areas, wood should be used from trees that grow in humid areas.

Because they are more resistant to moisture.

The pine wood of the forests of the northern areas of the earth is suitable for making furniture used in wet areas.

The Best Wood For Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture must resist against heat, cold and wet and also be resistant to fungi and pests.

Also, other factors like beauty and price are important. What are the best types of wood for outdoor furniture?

Here we show you a list of the best woods for outdoor furniture.

  • Redwood is a suitable wood choice for outdoor furniture. Surely redwood is resistant to heat, pests, and rain and warping in the moisture areas. It is very nice and also expensive. The price of redwood depended on your location. This wood is widely used in the western United States and it’s cheaper there.
  • Cedar is light wood and highly resistant to moisture, rot, and pests. Red cedar that commonly grows in the eastern United States can be the best wood for outdoor furniture if you live there. Cedar is an appropriate selection for outdoor furniture even without paint.
  • The next wood is cypress wood. Cypress wood as a softwood can easily be cut and have several of brown color. It commonly grows in the South and is resistant to moisture, rain, rot, and pests. A suitable choice for your outdoor furniture.

The Most Expensive Wood For Furniture

There are many types of wood for furniture.

You can use the most expensive or cheapest woods to making furniture.

What we usually see on the market is furniture with affordable wood.

But if you want to make unique furniture, there are types of expensive woods for you.

As the wood becomes more unique, whether it is by color or properties, it also becomes more expensive.

As well as it becomes stronger, the wood also becomes more expensive.

Even just a board of the rare woods can cost so much, That’s the reason since they can’t grow everywhere.

This is the reason why there is some very expensive furniture and they can cost more than the others, even when they look just the same materials.

Some expensive woods have a pleasant smell and do not decay even after a long time and are resistant to termites.

  • Bocote is one of the most beautiful woods and also very expensive. It has a good odor, good flexibility and a brownish color, which is used to make expensive furniture.
  • Lignum vitae is another one of the most expensive woods. Lignum vitae slowly grows and is very heavy and tight and is used to make home furniture.
  • Dalbergia is also expensive wood for furniture in the world.
  • Sandalwood, ebony, and are other expensive wood for furniture.

There are many different factors to the value of wood.

The next time you are shopping for furniture, ask what is the type of wood and then decide to pay them money.

The Cheapest Wood For Furniture

Acacia is one of the cheapest woods for making furniture.

The color is beige and grows more in North America.

This wood is late for decay, so it’s more suitable for outdoor furniture.

Ashwood is another one of the cheap woods for furniture and other woodworking projects. It’s not so hard to work on it whereas it’s strong and beautiful.

The Lightest Wood For Furniture

The lightness of the wood means its low density.

Wood density is defined as weight per a given volume and depends on the amount of moisture of wood.

Lightweight woods are used in various industries such as the paper industry, aircraft industry, furniture industry and so on.

It may be an advantage for you to have lightweight furniture.

So don’t forget to check these out:

  • Balsa wood is a very light and when dried has a density of 7.5 pounds per cubic foot. Balsa most used in the aircraft industry.
  • Cedarwood with the rate of density 19-23
  • Conifers wood with the rate of density 21-26 except for the lightest wood that can be used in the furniture industry.


As you read here, there are different kinds of wood for furniture.

The type of wood used in furniture is the most important factor in determining the quality, efficiency, and price of the furniture.

If you are working in the wood industry, you can use from the strongest wood to the lightest wood to make furniture.

If you are a buyer, you can purchase furniture that is cheap or very expensive, depends on your budget and your purpose.

Anyway, in this article, we tried to introduce to you some types of wood for furniture. Hope to be useful to you.

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