Woodworking hand saws are one of the basic woodworking tools. They have different types and each one is suitable for a particular work. In this article, we are going to explore all types of woodworking hand saws. What is Hand Saw? Sure you know what a saw is, but there are some tips in defining that can be helpful. The familiar woodworkings hand saw consists of a steel blade with a handle, most commonly woody,…

The chainsaw is a portable mechanical saw that can be used for many applications such as pruning and felling of trees, cutting of woods, firewoods, and so on. Chainsaws have made cutting hardwoods and logs easier and efficient. Usually, Chainsaw engines work with a two-stroke gasoline (petrol) internal combustion engine or an electric motor driven by a battery. The idea of ​​cutting for this tool is a set of teeth attached to a rotating chain…

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