driftwood sculpture


Are you looking for new ideas of wood crafts to sell at craft shows and make money? Do you want to know the most in-demand wood crafts? Craft shows and fairs are the best opportunity to sell your handicrafts. But it is obvious that some crafts sell more. Let’s see why and which one. There are several world-class wood arts that have more enthusiasts. The artists and woodworkers each have different experiences in this field.…

If you are using a fireplace for warming your home, it may be a question for you that what wood is toxic to burn? It’s always enjoyable to turn on the fire outdoors or turn on the fire in a fireplace. But it’s important to know that you can’t burn all the woods. Some types of wood produce toxic gases when burned, which is very dangerous to health. You need to be aware of this…

What are the driftwood sculptures? What are the steps of making a driftwood sculpture?  How these amazing artworks are being made? Creativity and human art, these are not endless. There is a wise sentence that says: if there were no art, the facts of life will be choking the man. Movie: Poetry (2010) – directed by Lee Chang-dong Sometimes along the rivers and beaches, you may see some pieces of wood that are very worn…

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