Dry branches of trees can inspire us to build various woodworking artworks. With a little creativity, you can bring these dried woody branches to life.

Here is a list of 5 simple DIY tree branch projects you can make easily. Of course, you need some simple woodworking tools to make these.

Tree branch projects have a rustic touch and have a lot of fans. By having one of these projects in your home, you have actually added a layer of nature to the interior design of the house. This is fabulous. In these projects, you can leave the peels and branches naturally and enjoy watching its beautiful texture.

1- Jewelry Box

A jewelry box made from a log is one of the simplest wooden projects. They are very beautiful and functional and are easy to make. You have to hollow a piece of a wood stump. You also need a metal hinge for its lid. You can also use a lock for that.

In this project, you will need to hollow a log. You need a drill machine to do this. If you want to know how to hollow it, see 11 rustic wood project ideas.

Tree branch boxes can have different shapes. You can even make it without a hinge. See the pictures below. Also, see 7 Amazing DIY Wooden Gifts for Moms.

Tree branch jewelry boxes

2- Keyholder

This is the easiest project on this list. Cut in the longitudinal direction of tree bark. Now you need a few ring nails for hanging the keys. The unique texture of the trunk bark makes this project attractive.

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3- Rustic Wooden Vase

Wooden vases come in various shapes and sizes. You can create a pot from tree trunk or branch with a little creativity. Open your mind, make whatever you like. You just have to use a glass tube to put the plant inside. Some different kinds of this project can be found on “6 easy DIY woodworking projects to make at home“.

Rustic Wooden Vase

4- Coaster Cup

You’ve probably seen coffee or water stains on the table when you take a cup off the table. It’s really difficult to get rid of these stains. We have reviewed some methods to remove these stains from wooden tables in 5 simple ways to remove the watermark from wood. But, always prevention is better. Coasters protect the surface of any object where you might place a cup. These can also be used to show that a drink is not finished by placing them on top of a cup.

Coaster cup made of a tree branch

5- Decorative Projects

Decorative projects are the most attractive woodworking projects. Sometimes, people like to have a special scenery in their home. It’s best to use a tree branch to create a decorative project.

Making these 5 Simple DIY Tree Branch Projects can be a relaxing task, which may make you feel happy.

Now, it’s your turn!

This article proudly made by the help of our friend, Naser Bashiri (Credits back to him for his great images of the work). His Instagram Profile: @gandom_choob

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