Rustic wood projects are one of the most attractive wooden handicraft projects. These projects are completely unique, meaning that there are only one of them in the world because you can’t make another one like them which is completely similar to.

There are many ideas for making rustic wooden projects. Here we’ll introduce you 11 rustic wooden projects that you can make in your own workshop.

Rustic projects are amazing, you’ll certainly fall in love with them.

11 Rustic Wood Projects

1- Kuksa Cup

Kuksa (or Guksi) is a wooden cup which has a lot of stories behind. Of course, this does not matter, what’s important is that everyone is happy with a Kuksa.

This project is a type of traditional drinking cup and is really fascinating.

It is relatively simple to make and you can make it with many types of hardwoods. walnut wood can be a good choice.

Kuksa Cup

2- Wooden Dishes

Wooden dishes convey a wonderful feeling. Although it is not suitable for the use of watery food, they have different uses.

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Wooden dishes are very versatile and you can create a beautiful wooden dish with your creativity.

3- Wooden Salad Bowl

One of the advantages of rustic wooden bowl is that you do not need a lathe machine to make them.

Look at a piece of wood, each piece of wood has a knot and a form. Can you see a wooden bowl or container inside it? You can make a wooden salad bowl by hollowing a log.

4- Wooden Serving Bowls And Trays

If you want to have a beautiful interior design, you can use natural elements like wood.

Biophilic design is a concept used in the building industry to make the atmosphere of houses somehow a natural environment. In this way, you can use direct and indirect nature elements. See wooden outdoor wall planters.

So you can use wooden serving bowls and trays for the reception of guests. These projects will give your home design a special rustic, as well as an elegant look.

5- Wooden Utensils

You can use all kinds of softwood and hardwood to make these projects. Remember that you have to use natural oils like olive oil to cover the work.

6- Wooden Paper Napkin Holder

You can make a wooden paper napkin holder from a piece of log. Hollow it and place a door beneath it. Consider the below image. This project needs more work than previous projects.

Wood Paper Napkin Holder

7- Wooden Vase

Wooden vases and posts have many fans. You can make a variety of them with a little creativity. You can use a glass tube to hold the plants. You will also find a variety of other models on this site. See DIY woodworking projects.

8- Wooden Candle Holder

The rustic wooden candle holder is one of the most fascinating projects of this list. It’s simple and also easy to be made.

9- Rustic Wooden Salt and Pepper Shakers

Kitchen utensils are very diverse. Salt and pepper shakers can be found in all homes. You can make them with a piece of a tree branch. Hollow the wood, but remember that the hole in the edge must be a little tight so that the rubber door can be securely fastened.

10- Rustic Wooden Clock

Below is the picture of a rustic wooden clock. These projects are a little bit more difficult to build because you need to fix the engine and the clock hands properly.

11- Pen Holder

Every regular table needs a pen holder. You can make them by a few holes in one stick, isn’t that easy? You can give it as a gift to a student which can definitely make him happy. See 3 cool woodworking projects for high school students.

How To Hollow Out a Log?

In most of the projects on this list, you will need to hollow a stick or log. You need a drill machine to do this. The following video shows you how to do this. You can do it by hand and with the help of a chisel, but it will be harder to do so.

How To Hollow Out a Log

This article proudly made by the help of our friend Mehran Ghadimi, (Credits back to him for his great images and artworks). His Instagram Profile: @pine.scent

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