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Rustic wood projects are one of the most attractive wooden handicraft projects. These projects are completely unique, meaning that there are only one of them in the world because you can’t make another one like them which is completely similar to. There are many ideas for making rustic wooden projects. Here we’ll introduce you 11 rustic wooden projects that you can make in your own workshop. Rustic projects are amazing, you’ll certainly fall in love…

There are many people who are interested in new wood arts. One of these modern wood arts, which has recently found many fans, is Fractal Wood Burning. There are a lot of questions about the wood types used for fractal burning. Although you can do this method on all the types of wood, what is the best wood for fractal burning? In this fascinating technique, burning wood is done by applying high voltage electricity that…

What is Olive wood? What are olive wood properties? The olive tree has many benefits for human. The Bible mentioned Olive too many times. The New Testament tells how Jesus and his disciples sang together – “When they had sung the hymn, they went out to the Mount of Olives” Gospel of Matthew 26:30. Olive wood has unique properties. Read this article to learn about the properties of this wood. Before that, we have collected…

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