Wood fashion jewelry projects have a lot of fans and sell well. There are too many ideas for making diverse wooden jewelry. These jewelry include necklaces, pendants, bracelets, bangles, rings, earrings, etc.

Different techniques can be used to make wood fashion jewelry. These techniques include wood painting art, pyrography and using of epoxy resin.

For sure, you have no limitations for making these fashion pieces of jewelry and you can use your own innovative technique. The only thing that matters is beautifulness of your work. Contemporary wood fashion jewelry comes in an eclectic mix of metal, leather, plastic, and paint.

In this article, we show you some DIY wood fashion jewelry ideas that you can inspire by seeing them.

Hand Carved Wood Necklace

You can turn a piece of crap wood into valuable jewelry. The hand-carved wood necklace is one of the extremely attractive handicrafts. These handicrafts are made by carving small pieces of wood and staining them with paint.

You can also use some woods that have natural color.

See red-colored woods.

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Try to use woods with interesting grain patterns which makes the necklace pendant unique.

First, cut the wood to the desired size with a saw. Then cut it to the shape you like with a Dremel and then try to sand it. Finally, you can give it a nice look by painting it. You should drill a hole for the bail and then, you have to take care of the details of your work with the help of a wood carving knife.

What you’ll need:

  • A piece of wood (hardwoods are better)
  • A wood carving knife
  • Pendant bails
  • Wood paint and Paintbrush
  • Dremel tool
  • Sandpaper (varying grits)
  • Saw
Hand-carved wood pendant

Pyrography Pendant Jewelry

Pyrography technique is one of the interesting techniques for drawing and writing on wood which can be done by burning wood. In this way, the artist designs on the wood with a burner pen. To see how you can do it yourself, see essential tools for pyrography art.

Making pyrography pendants jewelry is one of the cool ideas that you can do at your home.

To prepare the surface of the wood, you must first select the piece of wood you want to use. You can use log slices for this. Then use soft sandpaper and pull it up and down on the wood surface.

Pyrography pendant jewelry is a very interesting project. They are easy to make and the best ideas for making DIY wood fashion jewelry.

You will need:

  • Log slice or a piece of wood
  • Wood burning tools
  • Sandpaper
Pyrography Jewelry

Wood Resin Jewelry

There is jewelry that is made of wood and resin which can amaze everyone. These pieces of jewelry are dreamy ones! These jewelry look very beautiful by keeping tiny fantasy landscapes into their resin transparent bezels.

As you may know, making this jewelry is not so easy. They are known as secret wooden jewelry. Secret woods include a variety of rings, necklaces, bangles, and earrings. But it can be said that the secret wood rings are more popular and many people want to have one of them.

Secret Wood Rings

When you look at them, it will attract you as you can see a paradise inside. Believe it or not, I, personally, have spent several hours staring on one of them! Look at the pictures below.

Reference: mysecretwoods.com
Reference: mysecretwoods.com

These wood resin rings are more popular than luxury rings and are a great idea for DIY Wood Fashion Jewelry.

From here, you can see how to make a secret wood ring.

Try Your own Wood Fashion Jewelry

Wooden jewelry can be paired with traditional attires like sarees, as well as new fashion clothes.

You can choose your own jewelry based on your personal style.

Please, if you made any of these beautiful artworks, send us a picture of your work for adding it here. We & our readers would love it!

This article proudly made by the help of our friend Darbod (Credits back to him for some of his great images related to hand-carved wood necklace ). His Instagram Profile: @darbod.woodcraft

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