Making and selling wooden handicrafts, which include a wide range of handmade wood projects, is a popular choice as a small business. But some woodcrafts sell better and getting to know them can help you a lot and makes more money for you. In this article, we’ve listed 12 wood craft Ideas to sell that you can make money by selling them online or at the woodcraft shows.

Which Wooden Handicraft Makes More Money?

If you’re looking for a way to make some money by woodworking and you don’t know what you should make, this question is probably for you. There are many ways to find an answer to this question. One of them is the examination of traditional wood handicraft markets to figure out what projects have more buyers. The good news is that you don’t have to go to traditional markets or go far!

You can start with your family and friends who will tell you an honest point of view. In fact, you may know by a handful the whole sack! You can set up a small fair for your friends and family. Their comments can light up your journey path.

The List of 12 Best Wood Craft Ideas to Sell

The items introduced in this list are mostly beginner-friendly. For making these projects, you don’t have to know everything about woodworking to get started. However, we recommend to figure out with basic woodworking tools, see Best Woodworking Tools For Beginners.

Most of these ideas are curated from the Etsy website. Take a look at the projects in this list and pick some which you want to try. You will find amazing projects that you can make in as little time as possible and sell at craft shows to make money.

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1- Wood Slice Side Table

Reference: Instagram: @thestumpshop

Some DIY wood projects seem difficult to make when you look at them, but they are actually not that much hard to make.

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The wood slice side table is a great example of a simple project which seems difficult to be made. You only need a few tools and materials to make this stylish project which you can use as a coffee table or side table. This is one of the best wood craft ideas to sell in the markets.

Reference: Instagram: @thestumpshop

2- Ashtray Made of a Tree Branch

Projects made from tree branches are nowadays known as modern yet rustic projects and have many fans. These projects are selling well in the market. A wooden ashtray is one of those projects that you can make in different types and shapes.

3- Rustic Kuksa Cup

The traditional rustic Kuksa cup is made from burl birch. Making a Kuksa may take some time, but it is one of the best-selling wooden structures in online stores and seasonal exhibitions. See how to make a Kuksa cup.

If you intend to sell at a local market, some wood crafts will be more suitable than the others, depending on where you live. For example, Kuksa is more popular in Scandinavian countries.

4- Wood Slice Serving Tray

The wood slice serving tray is one of the easiest and most attractive items on this list. You only need one slice of the stump (large diameter) to make this project. This is the best woodcraft idea to sell at many craft shows.

5- Wooden Candle Holders

Your own skills and interests play an important role in what you gonna make. The more you enjoy making woodcrafts, is deeply connected to your success with a woodworking business. So even a wooden candle holder, if made in a creative way, sells well in the market.

6- Wooden Necklace

The wooden necklace is one of the attractive projects that sell better at craft fairs than online stores. They are simple to make and if you want to make a wooden necklace, we should inform you that your idea is more important than your skill.

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7- Wooden Picture Frame

One of the first projects many beginner woodworkers make is a picture frame. See Making a Wooden Picture Frame. This is a classic carpentry project but you can add a modern theme with new techniques.

One of the new techniques is Lichtenberg wood burning. Below is one of the modern frame image that includes Lichtenberg figures.

wooden frame with lichtenberg design

For more ideas on Lichtenberg designs, see Cool Ideas of Lichtenberg Wood Burning.

8- Wood Slice Painting Home Decor

Wood painting art

Painting on a wood slice can be one of the interesting wood crafts for people who are interested in art. Wood painting art is an art in which the painter creates a picture on the wooden surfaces like a slice of the log by painting on it. This project can be used as wall decor in the home and creates an attractive environment.

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9- Wooden Handmade Plant Stand

This is an amazing project for interior decoration. Home plants and pots can be more attractive with a handmade plant stand. Making this project is simple.

10- Wooden Headboard

With DIY wood headboard ideas, you can add a whole new look to your bedroom. These woodcrafts use wood to create a rustic, modern or classic look for your bed that will look great in your home. Many of these ideas also allow you to use cheap scrap woods and save money.
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11- Branch Tree Crafts

Handicraft is usually made from scrap wood. Things like tree branches, popsicle sticks and unusable wood chips that carpenters throw away. You just need creativity, not being an advanced carpenter, to build these woodcrafts. Of course, common woodworking tools such as saws, wood glue, sandpaper, nails, and hammers are sometimes required. However, branch tree crafts do not require special tools. You can find interesting ideas that are made only with tree branches. See 5 Simple DIY Tree Branch Projects.

12- Wooden Dolls

A wooden doll is another classic woodcraft that is still very popular among children. These projects are made in countless models. The idea of ​​making a wooden doll can be very funny for kids.

In the traditional markets, the project certainly attracts kids and usually sells well. You can also sell all kinds of wooden dolls in online markets.

Best Wood Craft Ideas to Sell on Etsy

Projects that sell well in traditional markets and craft shows do not necessarily sell well in online markets, and vice versa. There are many things to consider when selling wood crafts in online stores like Etsy. Images of product, color and product description all will affect the sales of the product. Definitely a good product with high quality, professional-looking images will sell better than a good product with poor quality images or bad description. But, to know which products are better to sell at an online store like Etsy, you can sort products by “top customer reviews” there. Products with more reviews in quantity definitely have more customers and probably going to sell better for you.

We’ve checked the Etsy website today when we were writing this, and here is the list of best woodcrafts to sell on the Etsy website (of course, it may be changed over the time, it’s better to check the Etsy website yourself and find a good one):

  • Wooden Waving Flag, 3D Carved Rustic Flag
  • Wooden Curved Salad Server (Spoon + Fork)
  • Wooden iPad Stand
  • Wooden Crayon Holder
  • Wooden puzzle 3D
  • Wood decor Christmas gift
  • Handmade wooden Goddess pendant
  • Wooden Embroidery Oval Hoop

These are the best wood craft ideas to make and sell on Etsy.

In this article, the best woodcraft ideas have been reviewed. We’d love for you to send us a photo if you did something and we’ll publish it on our website and our socials.

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