Making innovative wood crafts is very simple and enhances creativity in children and adults. Almost any of these crafts can be made with simple wood, unusable materials, and disposable items at the lowest cost and you can enjoy experiencing woodworking art. Here are 6 ideas of wood crafts for kids.

It is noteworthy, the headline of this article may be a little misleading. What we mean by wood crafts for kids can be of two different subjects:

  • Woodcrafts that children can make
  • Woodcrafts made for children

Which we’re going to address in both of them at the same time. Stay with us.

Some Notes for Making Wood Crafts

Handicraft is usually made from scrap wood. Things like tree branches, popsicle sticks and unusable wood chips that carpenters throw away. You just need creativity, not being an advanced carpenter, to build these woodcrafts. Of course, common woodworking tools such as saws, wood glue, sandpaper, nails, and hammers are sometimes required.

Research and find out the different types of wood you can work with. Learn how to work with plywood and types of natural wood that are good for crafting and try to choose the best one.

Once you, as a woodworker or as a parent, select a woodcraft plan for your project, it is the most important point to use the right wood for making it.

Hardwoods like oak wood and poplar wood, work well and are less expensive than many others. Be careful not to use toxic wood for this purpose.

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The Benefits of Making Wood Crafts for Kids

Making ​wooden projects ​is a good idea for kids to build their confidence.

These projects can help your kids learn how to build and create while working with their hands. This helps them gain a better understanding of their surroundings and also strengthens the connection between their muscles and nerves.

On the other hand, wood as a natural material has no harm to children. Unlike plastic and chemical materials that can potentially harm children.

Therefore, making wood crafts is one of the best options for children’s leisure time.

5+1 Ideas of Wood Crafts for Kids

Since handicrafts built with wood are born from nature, they attract children. Here are 5+1 ideas of wood crafts for kids.

Why 5+1? Because we’ve separated toys with the one which is not a toy.

Making Simple Wooden Toys

Today’s popularity of wooden toys is growing fast. Making simple wooden toys is one of the best wood craft ideas for kids.

Wooden toys were common in all societies. Even in the middle ages, local woodworkers created wooden toys and were selling them.

There are some simple wooden toys that any child can make with the help of his parents. Such as:

  • Wooden Building Blocks
  • Wooden Dolls
  • Miniature Animals
  • Puzzles
  • Spinning Tops

1- Wooden Building Blocks

Wooden building blocks are one of the oldest toys that most people experienced when they were a kid.

Wooden blocks come in many forms, cubes, spheres, hemispheres, pyramids, rectangular cubes, cylinders and more.

Their construction is relatively simple. These wooden handmade crafts are very interesting for kids and can familiarize them with geometric shapes during the making process.

Note: Parents should first cut each block with a miter saw, table saw or hand saw and then left the sanding to the children.

For more info on how to make wooden blocks see

2- Wooden Dolls

A wooden doll is another classic toy that is still very popular among children. These wooden dolls are made in countless models. The idea of ​​making a wooden doll can be very funny for kids. As parents give them only the supplies they need. Let them decide what the doll should look alike.

This project can help to increase children’s creativity. You will need simple tools like geometrical wood pieces, cloth pieces, crayons, buttons, and wood glue.

3- Miniature Animals

Wooden animals are simple toys that are loved by all children.

Their simplicity and beauty can appeal to any child.

Making this project is a little harder and it’s better for children to help their parents in the building process, not to make it by themselves.

You will need a table saw, band saw and a power drill.

The first step is to decide which animals you are going to build. Try to start with simple animals like owls and bears.

For an step-by-step tutorial on how to build these, see

4- Wooden Puzzles

Wooden puzzles can be the greatest challenge for kids. However, they are simple to make.

Children can also participate in making this woodcraft. You need a wooden board or plywood to make this puzzle. The dimensions do not matter.

Draw whatever you want on the wood by pencil. Try not to make the plan you want too complicated and remember that any shape you draw is going to be cut out with a saw blade.

The more pieces of the puzzle, the harder it is to solve. So you have to pay attention to the age of the child.

The puzzle must be colorful. You must paint it before you make the cut.

For more information see wood painting art.

5- Spinning Tops

Unlike the wooden puzzle, the wooden Spinning Tops are complicated, but even the youngest child can get them to spin!

You will need a wooden wheel and a wooden dowel.

You can decorate it with a variety of different techniques like pyrography art or painting. A colored spinning top will be way more fun for kids.

You can ask your child to paint this project. Doing so will enhance their sense of cooperation.

Popsicle Sticks Crafts

Popsicle Sticks Craft is one of the most popular projects for kids. They can make them at the weekend and it is the best way to keep the kid’s mind open.

This skill is relatively simple and even young children can learn it. Because they don’t need sawing and sanding. All they have to do is gluing the popsicle sticks.

You can also make a puzzle with popsicle sticks.

To make this project you just need to have the image printed in the appropriate size. Then cut and paste the image on the length of the sticks next to each other.

In the below image you can see an example of this wooden craft.

There are unlimited ideas of Wood Crafts for Kids. What idea do you have? Share it with us!

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