When it comes to woodworking and the wood arts, most people subconsciously consider this profession to be a man’s job. But we’ll show you that woodworking has become commonplace for women, and things have changed.

This misconception has been more common in the past than it is today, and fortunately today, most people’s attitudes to wood and wood arts have changed. Wooden arts are popular today, and it can be said that most people are interested in the wood arts and they use them in everyday life.

Like other branches of the arts, the wood arts include male and female artists, and it is sometimes seen that women are more interested in learning carpentry and wood arts in general. In this article, we have provided a guide to woodworking for women.

We will also introduce two successful female carpenters and we have an interview with them to ask the secret of their success. Their conversation will be very interesting for you if you are going to be a woodworker as a woman.

Suitable Wood Arts for Women

The wood arts have a variety of branches and cover a wide range of interests. Arts such as woodworking art, wood carving, structures of plywood and MDF, wooden sculptures, furniture making, wood-burning art (pyrography on wood), making kinds of musical instruments, Lichtenberg wood burning, engraving, wood and resin arts, wood painting art and more.

All of the wood arts mentioned can also be followed by women, but in general, some of these wood arts are more attractive to women than men, and also they are more compatible with their moods. For example, wood carving, woodturning art, decorative woodworking, wood and resin arts, pyrography art, making wooden toys, etc.

Some of the wooden arts, such as geometric wall wood art, have also become popular among women.

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Geometric Wood Art

The Life of the Women Woodworkers

Many female carpenters do not consider carpentry as a job. Some of them like to do something and have fun. Some others do woodworking on the recommendation of a psychologist. Carpentry is a relaxing job because it deals with natural materials. Of course, some female woodworkers make money this way.

Many single women with several children earn a living by woodworking. Below you will find some of the successful female carpenters. Talking to them can be a good guide for you. You can also get acquainted with the challenges of carpentry for a woman and see what the carpenter’s life is like. In the interviews here we have talked to some of these successful woodworkers, they have revealed the secret of their success in the conversation.

All of the following are proprietary reports of some successful female carpenters.

Examples of Successful Female Carpenters

If you still have doubts about the ability of women to learn and practice wooden arts, just try a simple search on the internet and social networks to believe in the high ability of women in the wooden arts!

For example, on Instagram, you can see many successful women making large and sophisticated wooden structures.

Karissa Cross, a Mom as a Woodworker!

Karissa Cross

Karissa Cross is a single mom and she has two small kids, Judah who is 4 and Norah who is 6 (at the time of writing this). Karissa is from Michigan and she now lives in Georgia.

Karissa Cross

She is a successful woodworker. She has some interesting ideas about woodworking for women and has told us the key to her success. She said to Wooddad:

When I got divorced, I needed to figure out a way to support us, but also wanted to not lose time with my kids. I’ve always been a bit handy and had a workshop and decided to try my hand at woodworking and haven’t stopped since.

Karissa Cross, Interview by Wooddad – 2019
Karissa Cross

About the biggest reason for her success, she said:

I think the biggest reason for my success is my lack of fear to try things and my curiosity. I want to know how things are made and how they work and the best way I learn is with my hands. I learn as I go and I’m lucky enough to have it curated income for us. Somehow people see what I make and ask me to make more! And my biggest desire is for people to watch what I do and realize I’m not some expert, just someone who is willing to try and to learn how to do new, hard things. I want them to know they can change their life one project at a time!

Karissa Cross, Interview by Wooddad – 2019
Karissa Cross

This pretty mom who also is a carpenter is just one example of mothers doing woodworking. If you like, you can follow Karissa Cross’s page on Instagram:


Char, A Woman & a Self-Made Woodworker


Char from Atlanta is another successful woman carpenter. She has four kids and is a self-made woodworker. Hell yeah! She is absolutely successful! Just imagine how someone can do woodworking with 4 kids! It needs a lot of patience and passion.

If you ask why did she choose woodworking, she has an interesting answer:

It all started shortly after I undergrad, my friend and I moved to a huge apartment on the posh side of town. We desperately needed beds, we went to all the savvy shopper stores, BIG LOTS, Goodwill. I saw a platform bed in my future to compliment the Asian inspired theme décor I planned. And then, I saw it. The simple, yet expensive, platform bed at an upscale furniture store. It was far out of my reach, but for some Then, I saw it. The simple, yet expensive, platform bed at an upscale furniture store. It was far out of my reach, but for some reason, I kept going back to the store, maybe the money was going to fall from the sky or they would gift the bed to me because I’m a nice person. Clearly, none of that happened. After the fifth trip to the store, I was literally under the bed investigating how it was constructed. Then. A light bulb went off. I.CAN.BUILD.THIS.

Char, Interview by Wooddad – 2019

She went on to say:

I immediately called my carpenter-extraordinaire uncle to inquire about what was required to make it happen. It was simple, some pine wood and screws. He suggested I go to Home Depot and have them make precisions cuts. I purchased a battery-powered Black and Decker screwdriver and borrowed a drill from my manager. It took me three months in my bedroom apartment to build this bed. YouTube had not come about yet and Google was not what it is today. I relied solely on logic. When I tell you, I had no idea what I was doing, that is an understatement, I was committed to finishing what I started. Once I was done, it was the best feeling in the world to know that I built something and I could enjoy it every night. I slept on that bed for the next five years.

Char, Interview by Wooddad – 2019

Char is now a successful carpenter and teaches woodworking in classes & workshops. If you like, you can follow char’s page on Instagram:


The Income of Woodworking for Women

By learning wooden arts, women can take advantage of the unique opportunities, in addition to reaching their personal interests and building what they have in mind. The extraordinary opportunities that are fewer in other disciplines and professions, can create a huge side income in woodworking.

Carpentry can make a good income for women. Of course, just like everything else, it requires perseverance and creativity. You have to update yourself with new styles and work in fashioned fields which people are more interested.

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