Wood wine racks are a beautiful storage option which is a good woodworking project if you are looking for a weekend project to build yourself. With the help of this article, you can build your own wood wine racks easily. There are different types of wooden wine racks, including:

  • Modern wooden wine rack
  • Diamond wine rack
  • Wine rack storage cube
  • Tabletop wine rack
  • Reclaimed wood wine rack
  • Wine rack with rope racks
  • Lattice wine rack
  • Hanging models
  • Wine rack wall mount
  • And …

Before deciding to build one of these types of DIY wooden wine racks, you need to answer a few questions.

Questions Before Making a Wooden Wine Rack

  • Where do you want to place the wine rack?
  • How many bottles you’ll need it to hold?
  • Will it function as a serving station and hold stemware?
  • Will the wine rack be mounted on the wall?
  • Is your wooden rack exposed to moisture?
  • How much time do you have to build it?

According to the answers you give to the above questions, you can discover good plans and designs from this article.

How to Make DIY Wood Wine Racks

You can make most of the wooden wine racks with a few simple woodworking tools like a nail gun, tape measure, power miter saw and hand saw. We do not know how good you are at carpentry! But we have tried to mention the general steps of making a wooden wine rack here. Each project may have more details depending on the complexity.

Step 1: Selecting a Plan

First of all, you have to choose the wine rack plan you want. In the continuation of this article, there are various designs that you should choose one of them according to the questions of the previous part. If this is your first time diving into woodworking, we recommend starting with a simple wood wine rack project.

Step 2: Measuring the Place of the Wine Rack

Wine rack plans can be made in different dimensions. You need to start by measuring the height, width, and depth of your desired wood wine rack placing location. If you plan on growing your collection, your wine rack should be able to grow along with it, so it’s important to consider your floor area.

Step 3: Cutting Wood

After selecting the plan and required measurements, you can begin to build your wood wine rack. Take your pieces of wood measurements and double-check if they’re correct prior to cutting.

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Step 4: Sanding and Painting

At this step, you should sand the project well. Sanding will prevent torn labels or scratches to your wine bottles. It also allows you to paint your project well. Before painting, consider where your wine rack will be placed to fit with the decor of the environment in terms of color. Some people also like an unstained, rustic look.

Step 5: Assembling Wood Wine Racks

Now, it is finally the time to assemble your wood wine rack display. While you can use a hammer and nails or a screwdriver and screws to assemble your wine rack, we recommend using a nail gun. It just makes the process much simpler. Just be sure to wear your protective gear and glasses.

9 DIY Wood Wine Racks

There are creative ideas for making wine racks, some of which are really simple yet beautiful. Here is a list of 9 wood wine rack ideas that you will definitely love. Discover some of them that are right for you.

1- DIY Wood Plank Wine Rack

DIY wood plank wine rack is simple and creative and suitable for a small number of bottles. Look at the picture below, with just a wood blank, you can make a wine rack wall stand. All you have to do is to find a suitable wooden board and make some holes in it. It’s super easy to build one.

Note that the distance between the holes should be slightly more than the width of a bottle of wine.

Full tutorial: camillestyles.com

2- Diamond-Shaped Wine Rack

A diamond-shaped wine rack is a simple storage option. These shelves could also hold wine bottles and provide conditions that are right for storing and aging wines. For more information on the details of the construction process of this project, see Building Diamond Bin Wine Racks.

If you are looking for a plan to make stackable wine racks, this plan is right for you.

3- Wine Rack Storage Cube

Wine Rack Storage Cube

A wine storage cube is a simple idea to make a wooden wine rack. You will probably notice the design simply by looking at the image above. You can grow this shelf in the future.

To see the details and construction processes, go to the following page.
How to make a 24-bottle DIY wine rack – storage cube

4- Modern Wooden Wine Racks

Modern wooden wine racks

If you look at social networks, you will see different models of wooden wine racks. These ideas are countless, but you can see 4 examples of the most attractive ones in the above picture.

Between these 4 different models, the following is more interesting for us😍. Its plan is simple and its construction is not very complicated and it can be built quickly in a weekend.

5- Tabletop Wine Rack

Wooden tabletop wine racks are available in different models. But for a tabletop wine rack, the most important thing is its efficiency.

Usually, these projects can hold 1 to 4 bottles and a few glasses. Making this project is a bit complicated and you need professional woodworking tools

Tabletop wine rack

6- Reclaimed Wood Wine Rack

Use pieces of scrap and reclaimed wood and easily make a wine rack like below.

Image Reference: Pinterest

You can use oak from shipping pallets to create your rustic whisky rack. This model of wood wine racks looks amazing on the wall or resting on a countertop. This plan can hold up to 4 bottles of whisky and 6 small glasses.

7- Wine Rack With Rope Racks

A wooden board and a few pieces of rope are the only materials you need to build a Wooden Wine Rack (See the image below).

This project is simple, beautiful, and conveys a rustic feeling. Of course, it is not very efficient and has more of a decorative aspect.

Full tutorial: cambriawines.com

8- Wooden Crate to Hold Wine

You do not always have to build a project from scratch. Look at the image below. Find a wooden crate, they are really inexpensive and can be picked up at any local craft store.

All you need to make a wooden wine rack is to add an X or Y to the center space. You can build this project in less than half an hour.

The number of bottles that this shelf holds is small. Finally, paint it according to the place where it will be displayed.

Image Reference: thesprucecrafts.com

9- Wine Cabinet

You must have heard this:

measure twice and cut once.

This proverb fits for this DIY wine cabinet, really!

This is a professional woodworking project and it is not easy to make, but it is ideal for those who love woodworking.

Full tutorial: addicted2diy.com

The Best Wood for Building Wine Racks

You can use different types of wood to make wine racks and there are no special restrictions in this regard.

But if we want to name the best wood for making wine racks, there is only one name: Redwood. Of all North American woods, it is the most resistant to moisture, mildew, and rot.

For these reasons, it was used in subterranean wine cellars from ancient times.

The characteristics of Redwood include resistance to shrinking, warping, and durability, so it means that your wood will age beautifully in your wine cellar.

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