Wooden fence adds a beautiful and wonderful look to your home. In addition to protecting the privacy of your backyard, gives your home a special design.

These fences are made of various materials and designs.

A wooden fence is a great choice for modern houses. The wooden fence is an important element in designing a beautiful home’s landscape.

When you talk about the value of a house, a wooden fence plays a significant role in the price and value of the house.

These fences are elements that are visible from the street and protects your privacy.

Wooden fences are made in different sizes, heights, and widths.

Big fences are not suitable for small gardens, because it gives a boring look to the garden and will blind the garden view. And vice versa, for small gardens, small fences are not suitable.

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Woods are vulnerable to moisture and pests. This is a serious problem that wooden fences are always be exposed to moisture and insects.

So choosing the right wood for fences is very important. If you want to make a fence for your home, you need a suitable wood.

For picking out the woods you need, you must consider quality and rot resistance, thus your budget is important.

There are different prices for types of wood which is recommended for fences.

Price of the fence depends on the type of wood which is being used.

In this article, we give a brief look at the types of wood for fences, and we explain the advantages and disadvantages of each one.


Cedar is one of the best woods for making fences.

It has a high resistance to pests and insects. This feature is due to the natural oil in this wood that removes insects.

Cedarwood’s oil is one of the oldest and most commonly used ingredients in perfumes, which is used as a base in many famous ones.

It also has high durability and if painted, will have high resistance to rot.

It has a beautiful texture, but if you want to paint it with a color, the texture will not be visible.


One of the most beautiful woods for Fence is Redwood.

A glance and durable fence is the result of using redwood.

Redwood is a strong wood for a robust fence.

The red color of this wood gives your home a beautiful effect.

Unfortunately, this wood does not have a high resistance to pests and insects and is very expensive for those who do not live in the Redwood Forest in the United States!

Cypress Wood

There are different types of wood for fences that you can use them.

In general, the Pine family trees are suitable for making fences.

Cypress wood is another one of the woods that good for fences.

The color of the cypress wood is yellow or golden brownish.

The cypress tree grows slowly and has a beautiful wood.

This wood is not very strong but has a high resistance to insects and has a long lifetime.

The cypress tree grows more in the south of the United States and is very common for making fences.

Spruce Wood

This wood is also suitable for making fences.

Spruce wood is more durable than redwood, but it does not have a high resistance to pests and insects.

The most important advantage of this wood is its cheapness.

Spruce wood can be painted and converted to a special wood which will be much more expensive in this way.

For example, in many expensive kitchens, you will see spruce wood. Which is painted and its shape and visual look are converted to an expensive wood or simulated oak wood.

The spruce tree is so sturdy that it is suitable for making the fence. Also, soft enough that can be well painted and look alike other woods.


Finally, it can be said that there are a variety of woods for fences that you can choose according to your own circumstances.

If you are a woodworker, keep in mind that wooden fences are always exposed to damage, and you should use a suitable wood for making a fence.

On the other hand, if you want to buy a ready-made wooden fence, choose the fence according to the location where you want to use it.

This means that a more expensive fence is not necessarily better.

We hope that this short story familiarized you with the types of wood for fences and helps you for a better choice.

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