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In this article, we are going to introduce you to the woodturning art of carpentry. Getting to know this art can open a new window for you in the field of woodworking art. Woodturning art is the art of turning and shaping the wood due to the rotational movement of the machine. Producing products such as hookah body, chess pieces, wooden shoulder, furniture base, wicker furniture, sofa and chair base, pip and other projects are…

In this article, we introduce the process of making a compound miter cut bowl. We will explain the steps of the work process from beginning to end, along with several images. Before we reach the main discussion, let’s first define the terms of the miter cutter and the compound cut. What is miter cut? The building of compound objects requires some kinds of angular cutting to make corner joints. A miter cut is an angled…

It makes no difference that you are a professional or a beginner, the pyrography tools are almost the same for everyone. In this article, we review all the essential tools needed for pyrography art and how to use them. Pyrography or wood burning is one of the arts related to wood that has many enthusiasts. This art needs tools, like all others. Most pyrography tools are cheap and you can perform this art at the…

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