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If you’re looking for some kind of wood to make luxury furniture, Bubinga wood is the best choice. This wood has a unique style that authority and beauty are just two of the features of this wood. This wood is a tropical hardwood and very rare. Bubinga Also known as African rosewood is native to tropical Logic of Africa. This wood is very heavy and hard so that Bubinga logs weigh can be more than…

This wood has distinctive deep red, which can be found in some areas of South America like Brazil. While aged bloodwoods color turns to dark, but it’s not something to be considered. So this is a great wood to use in indoor projects. The wood is very dense, with a tight fine, mostly linear grain. This tree is of medium height with a trunk diameter of about 18 inches on average. The blood tree is…

In this article, we introduce the lath art as folk art and we try to examine it in detail. We tried to review the arts that can be categorized in the lath art. We also will introduce arts that are like lath art in some countries. Wood is a natural material that is abundant in different parts of the planet and is one of the first materials used by early humans. Humans have always provided…

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