miniature chip carving


Wood carving is one of the oldest arts that has many fans in different countries. Always one of the artists’ concerns is that which tool is the best suited for wood carving. Many woodcarvers may ask what are the best wood carving tools. Especially for those who want to work with hardwood, this can be a big challenge. There are generally four styles of wood carving, with tools and techniques for each one. You must…

Wood arts represent the connection between man and nature. It can be said that since humans had been starting to make tools, the relationship between man and wood has been started and still continues. Wood is a natural material that is abundant in different parts of our planet and is one of the materials used by early humans. Humans always have provided an important part, or at least one part of their needs, through this…

In this article, we introduce a minimalist technique of miniature chip wood carving named Zen carving. There are several types of carving methods on wood. In fact, there are three methods of carving on wood, which is: hand carving, mechanical carving, laser carving. Certainly, hand carvings have a lot more artistic value. Chip carving is one of the most traditional and old styles of wood/stone carving. The idea is to remove small chips from a…

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