In this article, we want to see if pecan wood is suitable for smoking meats? If so, what kind of meat is better-suited for smoking with pecan? This is a question that lovers of smoky foods have asked us frequently.

Before reading this, we suggest that if you are looking for a complete article about the best kinds of wood for smoking meats, see types of wood for smoking meat.

Smoked Meats

Meat and fish are the most common smoked foods. Smoking of all types of meat is done with a variety of purposes. In this way, the meat is exposed to smoke from the burning of different types of wood. The smoking of meat inherently results in three:

  • The meat is being flavored (a taste similar to smoke that varies depending on the type of wood)
  • Makes meat cooked (hot smoking)
  • Smoked meats have a longer shelf life

What is your reason for smoking meat? If you want to enjoy its taste, you need to be careful about choosing the types of wood. Because each wood has a different smoke flavor, it has various effects on the taste of meat.

Pecan in South of the United States

Pecan tree

Each region of the planet has different vegetation. This difference has caused different types of wood to smoke in different parts of the world. See best Australian wood for smoking fish & meat.

In Europe, alder wood is commonly used for smoking meats. But Oakwood and Rush wood are already in use.

pecan is one of the hickory native trees in northern Mexico and south of the United States in the Mississippi region. Mississippi has some of the highest concentrations of wild pecan trees in the world.

Although cultivated pecans can be found throughout the South, the native varieties grow in a more area from Alabama to Missouri and through a part of East Texas.

The seed of this tree is an edible nut. The pecan tree has large leaves and grows up to 40 meters (131 ft) in height.

pecan fruit
The seed of the pecan tree is an edible nut.

Although common uses of pecan wood are tool handles, ladder rungs, and flooring, it can be used for smoking kinds of meat.

Is Pecan Wood Good for Smoking Meats?

Now is the time to go to the main story. Is pecan wood good for smoking meats? The answer is: It’s not bad for many, but it’s great for some meat.

It’s good to know that pecan wood is a favorite of many professional people and specialty restaurants as well. Let’s look at all kinds of meat together.

Pork, Poultry, Turkey, Game Birds, and Chicken

Pork, Poultry, Turkey, Game Birds, and Chicken are not as soft as fish and are not as tense as beef. In fact, this is what makes pecan perfect for smoking these meats.

The smoke of burning pecan wood gives a wonderful flavor to the pork, Poultry, and brisket. Pecan wood smells like heaven on pork. It’s milder than oakwood and has a smell, which is slightly sweet (The same way apple is sweeter smelling and lighter than hickory).

Fish and Seafood

Woods like pecan are too strong for fish and seafood. You can balance pecan wood by mixing it with some other wood like alder wood, apple wood or cherry wood and then use for smoking fish and seafood.

Beef and Lamb

They’re great with pork and strong enough to stand up to beef and game meats. But we suggest that you use The combination of oakwood and pecan wood for smoking beef and other red meats.

Pecan Wood for BBQ

This wood is suitable for barbecue. Pecan wood has a distinctive flavor and stronger than most fruit woods. Works well with game birds and chicken. It is good for cooking and smoking Hamburgers, BBQ Smoked Wings, Baby Back or Spare Ribs.

One can say that if you are looking for woods for your barbecue, pecan is one of the best options because it has a little resin and is almost suitable for meat grilling and does not have a very strong flavor. have fun 🙂

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