Today, wooden furniture can be found all around. Most of the space occupied in the interior decoration of a house is by furniture. The furniture is not only a comfortable object in the house but also a symbol of a modern house full of peace. So It is very important to be familiar with the principles of wooden furniture design. History of wooden furniture design The design and use of furniture have historical antiquity that…

One of the most frequently asked questions is about changing the color of the furniture, table and any wooden home appliances. Usually, women are the main target audience in this segment due to their interest in this type of changes. We’ve prepared a great article on how to darken wood without stain. In such cases, people who have problems with the colors of their wooden appliances, will search on the Internet to find a solution…

There are many people who are interested in new wood arts. One of these modern wood arts, which has recently found many fans, is Fractal Wood Burning. There are a lot of questions about the wood types used for fractal burning. Although you can do this method on all the types of wood, what is the best wood for fractal burning? In this fascinating technique, burning wood is done by applying high voltage electricity that…

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