Kumiko woodworking is one of the traditional arts of Japan. This technique does not use any metal joints such as nails and even glue is rarely used. Kumiko art has been influenced by the culture of different countries and it is not surprising that each country has changed its patterns according to its interests. Therefore, it can be said that Kumiko woodworking patterns are very extensive and can not be counted nor being listed. However,…

If you’ve watched Japanese movies and animations, you have probably seen kumiko woodworking already! Kumiko woodworking has an important place in traditional Japanese architecture. But what is kumiko woodworking? In this article, we are going to introduce this ancient Japanese art that is welcomed all over the world today and has many uses. Stay with us. What is Kumiko Woodworking? “Kumiko” is a traditional woodworking technique that creates fine geometric patterns by combining thin pieces…

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